Crosstown Auto-Quickly Bubble Tea top INC league, Liga Maharlika basketball and co-ed volleyball, Marsha and VEA

Crosstown Auto-Quickly Bubble Tea top INC league, Liga Maharlika basketball and co-ed volleyball, Marsha and VEA
Crosstown Auto Centre-Quickly Premium Bubble Tea emerged as this year’s Iglesia Ni Cristo Basketball League champion, Sept.7, at the Saville Centre. (Contributed photo)

Crosstown Auto Centre-Quickly Premium Bubble Tea topped the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) Basketball League, Sept.7, at the Saville Centre.
CLG Display took the second spot.

Allen Devera and Carlos Canlas (Quickly) were selected best forwards, John Lloyd Arnaiz (True North) and Paul Feraren (Quickly) as best guards, Ace Guaniezo (Quickly) as best center. Canlas also won the best season MVP award.

Congratulations Crosstown Auto-Quickly Premium!

* * *

The Babaeros celebrate their victory as the 1st Liga Maharlia basketball champions, Aug.26, at the Morinville Recreation Centre.

I was having a pleasant conversation with Albert Bonus of Team Edson who works at an oil and gas company.

We talked primarily about the economy in Alberta, a little about politics and the Filipino community then suddenly the championship game between The Babaeros Red Deer and Morinville got exciting.

Clyde Natividad of Babaeros Red Deer, who scored the winning basket, was named Most Valuable Player in the 1st Liga Maharlika basketball tournament, Aug.26, at the Morinville Recreation Centre.
Charvher Dael of Babaeros-Red Deer protects the ball after a rebound in this bit of action in the 1st Liga Maharlika, August 25, at the Morinville Recreation Centre. The Babaeros won the tournament by edging host Morinville, 74-73.

Red Deer’s shooting guard Clyde Natividad scored the winning shot, 74-73 with just three seconds left in the final quarter and when the buzzer sounded that finally ended the game, the Babaeros started celebrating! What a game!

Natividad, who was named most valuable player (definitely not playboy, which is the meaning of the name of the team, hahaha), topscored with 22 points. Charvher Dael, who provided leadership during crucial plays, helped with 19 baskets.

Rahy Villarosa led Morinville with 24 points, 19 from Jass Mann but they were not lucky this time. And it was not really that bad of a loss, just one point. They only missed the chance of making it to the record books of Liga Maharlika as the first league champion.

Jass Mann, John Lloyd Arnaiz and Rye Villarosa of Morinville, Natividad and Dael of were named in the Mythical Five Selection.

For sure, it’s going to be exciting when they meet again in the next league. Congratulations to the teams and organizers led by Jonas Iral, his wife Jen and the rest of Liga Maharlika volunteers.

Meanwhile, Erich Francisco and her team added color to Liga Maharlika when they simultaneously organized a Co-Ed Volleyball League.

It was a good start Erich.

Five teams this year and who knows with plenty of time to prepare, seeking confirmation of teams and making sure that the officiating referees are ready and the playing venue booked, it’s going to be a better co-ed volleyball tournament next time around!

Good luck!

* * *

Erich Francisco of Team Spruce Grove serves during the Co-Ed Volleyball Tournament, August 25, at the Morinville Recreation Centre. The volleyball event was simultaneously held with the Liga Maharliga basketball tournament.

Marsha Desa Delima Sarno loves volleyball.

She even finished college on sports scholarship at the Niagara College. Awesome right?

In 2016, she decided to organize a league and with the help of her friends, they formed the Volleyball Enthusiasts Association (VEA). That way, they can plan together, always schedule a tournament and enjoy the sport they love.

On October 12 to 13 at the Saville Centre, Marsha and her VEA friends are organizing a Co-Ed Tournament that will have a round-robin format, around 10 to 12 games before the semis, making sure that the participating teams will enjoy the competition.

Teams from Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Calgary, Sherwood Park and host Edmonton are joining the two-day league.

* * *

Philippine Sports Association (PSA) president Gary Perpetua announced that they are now accepting teams for their Fall/Winter Season and the deadline of submission is on September 27.

Please email

* * *

Again, we are calling our fellow sports fans, if you have any sports news, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Salamat po!

Photos by Moses Billacura | Alberta Filipino Journal

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