Lucban, Quezon: A place of colors and harmony

Lucban, Quezon: A place of colors and harmony

Lucban, officially the Municipality of Lucban, is popularly known as the Art Capital of Quezon province. Why? Because it is where one of the most awaited festivals of the Philippines – the cultural Pahiyas Festival – is celebrated every 15th of May in honor of San Isidro Labrador, the Farmer.

The Pahiyas Festival is a way for the creative people of Lucban to showcase their homes by filling and decorating them with varying representations of their bountiful harvest. I remember when my family was able to witness this extraordinary festival. The whole city was filled with music and happiness. It may have been overcrowded, but you will have fun, that is for sure. I enjoyed seeing how artistic and unconventional the local people in Lucban are. Their houses are filled with colorful pananim and palamuti. One remarkable thing that surprised me was that you can eat their decorations! You might just take a little bit because it might ruin the festive facade itself. As a Filipino who grew up in Bulacan, I was extremely struck by their local foods. They are almost the same but it favors a unique style and delight. They are very mouthwatering, especially their famous Pancit Habhab.

The whole city is colorful, and you may not want to look away from their lovely houses for fear of missing any details in all the intricate designs. I am very inspired by how the local residents of the city creatively showcase their harvest in sacred honor of San Isidro and to entertain the people who visit to explore their city and to witness the cultural Pahiyas festival. I was extremely pleased and contented because I was able to observe the happiness on the faces of the local people in Lucban. They were rightfully being appreciated and honored because of their extensive work. Their houses may be small, but you can recognize how they are enjoying a life filled with colors and harmony. As a Filipino, I am proud that we are creative in our own ways.

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