Nora: Builder of Dream and Growth

Nora: Builder of Dream and Growth

Filipinos Success’ Stories:
Kaya Ko; Kaya Mo!
If I can; You surely can!

When you meet Nora Ragadio, the first thing that she says about herself is that, “I’m [from] a family of a poor farmer.” This doesn’t bother her, how people react when they hear this. She is proud of this fact and of being able to come overseas and become educated.

The daughter of a poor farmer, Nora is now a RE/MAX realtor, holding under her belt a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce-Business Management, and she is also a recipient of several awards including: President’s Club, Executive Club and Hall of Fame. Not to mention various letters of appreciation for her contributions to the community and in the real estate industry.

Her passion and her fire started back home in the Philippines, where issues with real estate assets from her grandfather were lost due to tax issues. Through four years of hard work, the battle was won. From there, she joined her family in Canada, helping her brother establish a business that has now become the Edmonton famous Kuya Allan’s Lechon Pinoy.

Moving to Edmonton, she found her drive from her challenges. When, upon moving to Canada, she was told that she would never be able to afford a house, she worked hard and obtained a Real Estate License. She went on and acquired and sold several properties, riding the ups and downs of the market.

Life was not easy, but the career path and her determination helped her achieve the dreams that she had.
She says she feels accomplished because her dream of not just being able to afford and live in a big house with a triple car garage but to be able to support many of her family members, has been realized.

Nora is proud to be a realtor because she has helped many people fulfill their dreams, much like she had dreamed of herself. She is proud to help families with their own dreams of establishing a home in Canada, much like she helped her family establish theirs here.

Her advice to fellow kababayans? “Study, learn skills and be knowledgeable in the field of industry [that you are] passionate about.” She also mentions to “work smarter, [and] adapt [to] changes and more importantly collaborate and empower positive people that helps build your dream and grow!”

Nora gives advice to kababayans who also dream of pursuing their own careers in Canada, and especially for those who are just starting out. She says, “For those who have just arrived in Canada, tell [them] the best possible way to achieve their goals. Be nice and exemplary of your good heart and intentions.”

At the end of the day Nora says, “I am just a daughter of a poor farmer who borrowed money from her parents during the time of the planting season.” Little did she know, that each challenge she faced was the seed that she sowed into the ground, and nurtured her to where she is today.

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