"It is not over yet"

"It is not over yet"
Luke 24:13-35

The two disciples were frustrated and disappointed! They were helpless and hopeless. Imagine yourself attending any games while your favourite team is losing! What do you feel? Some may say: “Let’s go home.” These were the feelings of these two disciples on their way back to Emmaus. They were frustrated, disappointed and filled with a sense of defeat. BOKYA! They were disappointed by the tragic end of the Lord because they had high expectations in Him as their promised Messiah. His death shattered their hopes and dreams. They were put to shame. Folks, there are moments in our lives that we feel like God has abandoned us. We sometimes feel that God has let us down and He no longer cares. We thought everything was a failure. But hey, it’s not the end yet. The game is not over yet! The final buzzer does not sound yet. Brethren, when you have the lowest esteem in yourself, look higher. Raise your eyes up above!

Today’s gospel would like to remind us that in our moment of disappointments and frustrations, God walks for us. He is with us even in our struggles.

Please remember this: God is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Even in our depressing moments God can be found. Even in seemingly defeating experience, God is there. Today, do not allow your frustrations steal the amazing presence of God from you. You are not alone in your life’s journey. God is with you all the time and in all situations. When your heart is torn with grief, the Lord is near you. Allow God to travel with you in your pains and difficult situations.

Friends, if you are frustrated, attend the mass and read the Bible. “And it is in the breaking of the Bread, that the two disciples recognize Jesus.” Holy Scriptures and the Holy Eucharist are the two best medicines and antidotes for disappointments and frustrations. You will never find the rainbow if you keep looking down. The stars are not at your feet. Set your mind on things above and be ready to be blessed!

Fr. Jhack

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