From an Unknown Friend

From an Unknown Friend

By Francis Cleo Galon

You, whoever you are reading this,
I might not know your name, your family, or your friends.
I might not know the battles you face, the ideals you embrace. I most likely have not met you face-to-face
But there’s a common denominator that binds you and I.

We stumble, we fall.
We’ve lost something, or someone, valuable.
We have demons to face, an enemy not seen but an enemy within.
A remnant of the past that haunts us in the present and threatens to ruin our future.
We have a sense of incompleteness, a longing to be made whole.
At times our heart might cry for liberation from the weight that holds us down from getting out of bed in the morning.

We might even look like the most fulfilled person on the outside, hiding an unfilled soul inside.
We might wake up in the morning with demons speaking lies to our heads
And all our heart wants is an escape from the haunting, before the will to live escapes our being

At times, we may desire an outlet for our cries for freedom from the demon within and to close the inlet of negativity and hate.
At some point, we probably have thought that God is unfair for putting us smack in the middle of the storm and wish to escape it somehow but guess what friend, that’s where you’re meant to be.

From a friend you’ve never met is a message that I would like for you to take to heart.
Just hold on, walk through the fire, sleep through the storm.
See, you cannot spell testimony without test.
Just as much as there can be no message without a mess.

This world is bent on stretching the soul
Every circumstance a test of faith
Every season a proving ground of endurance
And though this life might beat us till we crawl, we can always get back up stronger than before
More enduring than before and more faith full than we were yesterday

The greatest stories come at the greatest adversities
The most life-changing preaching can only come from days of heavy raining and months of long waiting
The greatest of gains come at the greatest of sacrifices
But the greatest of people come from these circumstances refusing to buckle

That’s why you, friend need to hold on
Because behind that wall of unthinkable odds
Beyond the days of hopeless losses
On the other side of that sea of impossibility
Is a promise waiting to be claimed

A future far brighter than the situation paints itself
A destiny far greater than the mountain adversity
A landscape of opportunity more beautiful than that dead end cliff you’ve found yourself in

All you need to do is to keep standing
Weather the storm
Let the fire burn over
And then, take a leap of faith

It’s not what you’re in that defines you
It’s what you do that will shape you

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