Notley’s, Kenney’s, Khan’s or Mandel’s sports development plan for Albertans?; Exciting volleyball events coming to Alberta

Notley’s, Kenney’s, Khan’s or Mandel’s sports development plan for Albertans?; Exciting volleyball events coming to Alberta
Bembot Musa (with ball) of the Vikings eludes a defender on his way for a jumper in the 2019 Philippine Sports Association-Crosstown Auto Centre Spring Basketball League, March 24, at the Trinity High School Gym. The Ernie Buton-mentored Vikings won over The Blitz, 105-76.

It’s election time in Alberta Province and if you would like to know more about it, read the columns of Marco Luciano and Nicky Gocuan of this paper to know more.

With regards to members of the sports community, I’ve been hearing their preferences in a chit-chat but as to the question of what the platform of government for a sports development plan for Albertans is, we have not heard any so far from either Premier Notley of the New Democratic Party, United Conservative Party’s Kenney, Liberal’s Khan or Alberta Party’s Mandel.

I wonder if a Sports Development Plan for Albertans is even part of their platform of government. Or have they even thought about it. I wonder.

* * *

Talking about sports community members, I am particularly impressed with the Filipino-Canadian Volleyball Club (FCVC).
FCVC’s Francis Mark Lagos informed me about their men’s and women’s volleyball tournament in October.

What impressed me is that the participants will not be only from Alberta Province.

There will be teams from California, New York and Seattle! Wow!

They will be playing against squads from Winnipeg, Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto and of course, Calgary and Edmonton.

The Calgary-based Lagos, Jimmy Calonge along with other volunteers from another organization, the Edmonton-based Alberta Filipino Volleyball Club have been drawing up plans to make sure their event will be successful this coming October.

Keep up the good work FCVC!

* * *

This coming August 3 to 4, a Pinoy Super Liga Tournament is set at the Red River College. I don’t have details yet but we will soon write about it once we have it.

So far, this is the second tournament I know after the Edson Filipino Volleyball League on June 8-9 where AMD Financial, Red Deer Warriors, Edson, AFVC Crosstown Auto, Alpha Q, GPeks, Raven, Hinton are entered. These are squads formed by Louella Buan, Cito Gansan, Kristine Schalm, Oliver dela Paz, Louie Macapagal, Abby Pullon-Santiago and others who love the sport and who decided to organize so that they can enjoy the sport better and enjoy the fellowship as Filipinos in Canada.

Mabuhay kayo mga balebolistang Pinoy!

* * *

To all members of the sports community, we encourage you to let us know of your events.

Please email or call us at (780)807-4743.

Salamat po!

Photo by Moses Billacura | Alberta Filipino Journal

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