Care is a Cure!

Care is a Cure!

My dear kababayans, there are three points I would like to share with you today. First, Jesus saw the man who had been ill for thirty-eight years lying in wait at the pool. For 38 years no one took the initiative to help him. Can you imagine yourself living in a public area for 38 years? Our Gospel reading is reminding us that burdens continue to oppress us if no one dares to care. There are so many faces of suffering everywhere because we think only of ourselves. There is hunger all around because we do not care for others. Friends, I would like you to take note of this: care is a cure. If we care we can cure. If we care, nobody will be sick. If we care, nobody will be addicted or depressed. If we care like Jesus, many will be cured. Care is the right medicine in order to cure.

Second, the Pharisee thought that keeping the law is more important than helping someone in need. They thought that following the rules are far better than providing assistance to someone suffering. Suffice it to say, the Pharisees were law abiders but charity breakers. They are faithful to the laws but do not have love for the needy. Are we this kind of person? Jesus in today’s gospel is reminding us that a person is more important than the law. The Gospel for today reveals to us the truth about our God. Friends, we have a God whose priority is our wellness. We have a savior whose desire is to set us free from any oppressive burdens and sufferings. We have a God who cares.

Finally, the man in the Gospel was ill for 38 years. His sickness serves as an example of a life of sin. Today, we are reminded to stay away from this virus called sin. Friends, do not sin any more or else something worse may happen to us. Folks, God is warning us: whatever wicked things we are into now, stop it. Do not do it again. Refrain from repeating the same mistakes. Stay away from sin because if we keep repeating it, this may lead us to our own destruction. Go and sin no more. Friends, as Easter approaches, let us humbly recognize our sinfulness and seek God’s healing grace in the sacrament of reconciliation for we have a God who cares.

Fr. Jhack

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