Today’s Topic: “Are You Ready?” (Part 2)

Today’s Topic: “Are You Ready?” (Part 2)

“I don’t just sell products and services. More importantly, I HELP families achieve peace of mind!”
Life is short and everything is fleeting. Never waste a moment as it may be the last with someone you love. Yes folks, life is short and full of uncertainty. Death can happen anytime. Don’t take life for granted. Better be ready! Be prepared!

“Pain is inevitable when you lose a loved one but stress and misery is OPTIONAL. With proper planning, families can manage, if not eliminate the emotional and financial stress they will face during the most difficult time of their lives. I am here to help your families achieve peace of mind. All you have to do is call. We do the rest.”

Some people CANNOT accept death or cope with it.

They would rather put it aside and not think about it and by doing so, they are PROCRASTINATING and FALL into the TRAP that they will take care of it SOMEDAY…at some point in the FUTURE. But you know the unfortunate thing?  The UNFORTUNATE thing…is that it NEVER happens.


The chances of a death happening in a family INCREASES over the passage of time.

Life is full of uncertainties. It’s never too early to plan. Preplanning and prefunding your final arrangements today provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind about tomorrow.

Your guaranteed plan caps your funeral and related costs at today’s prices with flexible payment options. It also relieves the burden on your family and ensures your final wishes will be met.

Shield your family from financial distress
Ensure your final wishes are met
Protect your investments
Leave your loved ones with peace of mind

Funeral Homes, cemeteries and other funeral service companies can help you arrange a funeral at any time — even before there has been a death.

“At-Need” funeral arrangements are made at the time of death. They are usually made by surviving family members or by a trusted friend who has accepted this responsibility.

“Pre-Need” arrangements are the funeral plans that people make for themselves while living. Their primary objectives in planning ahead are to relieve their survivors of this burden and to ensure that the funeral is carried out according to their wishes.

Funeral plans will be a consideration for us all at some point in time. And, although planning one’s own funeral in advance may be uncomfortable, it offers advantages. “At-need” arrangements are the more difficult because time is of the essence and survivors are dealing with the grief of their loss.

Making funeral plans before you need them avoids many difficulties — and it doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable task. Plan Your Funeral — Before You Need It!

It doesn’t take a fatalistic person to recognize the value in planning their funeral in advance. In fact, millions of people choose to pre-arrange their funeral every year. After all, funeral arrangements will be a consideration for us all at some point in time and there are advantages to making them in advance.

Reasons to Preplan a Funeral: A Sensible Financial Plan
– It puts you in control and ensures your wishes will be known.
Survivors may not know your wishes — or may assume they do know your wishes. For example, they may not know you prefer cremation; how much you’d want them to spend on arrangements; or whom you would want them to invite to the service. Planning ahead puts you in control by allowing you to make informed choices regarding your funeral and cemetery arrangements.
•Provides social, psychological and emotional benefits to your loved ones at a difficult time.
Not only does it simplify the funeral process for your survivors, it also eases the stress of deciding what you would have wanted.
– It allows you to set aside funds and relieve your family of a financial burden.
Since it is difficult to predict what your family’s financial situation will be at the time of your death, pre-funding ensures that an amount you consider appropriate will be earmarked for the funeral.
– It provides you with peace of mind of knowing that “your affairs are in order.”

You’ll be comforted by the assurance that your family and friends will be relieved of the burden of making funeral arrangements when you die. And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that they will appreciate your concern for their well-being.

Your funeral plans can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. You may want to only specify a particular burial place or address a myriad of details — from the color of your casket to the music at your service. In either case, whether or not to set aside money to pay for the funeral is an important consideration.

Think about this: Would you feel comfortable that someone else is going to decide and run your life for you? Of course not. By having a plan ahead of time, you shape your own destiny, you control your own life and more importantly, you make the decisions that are right for you and your loved ones. More importantly, you do it out of love and compassion for your family and loved ones.

Being a Family Counselor is not just a job. Rather, it is more of a vocation. Family Counselors like me, take pride in what we do for society. My VOCATION deals with SERVING and HELPING FAMILIES ACHIEVE PEACE OF MIND.
Family Counselors like me HELP families achieve peace of mind by educating and giving them IMPORTANT INFORMATION on the VALUE of PLANNING AHEAD and MAKING DECISIONS TOGETHER and ahead of time rather than during the MOST DIFFICULT experience of human existence.”

***I give out ALL of this VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION for FREE and AT NO OBLIGATION through our “FREE INFORMATION WITHOUT OBLIGATION” program and I encourage everyone to take advantage of it. Just call me to book an appointment and I would be most pleased to HELP and ASSIST you with our FREE INFORMATION.

In next Month’s Issue, I will show you and discuss how Family Counselors like me help families manage, if not eliminate emotional and financial stress during these difficult times.

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