Pixar Representation!

Pixar Representation!

Exciting news! Pixar will be coming out with a new short film featuring…drumroll please…FILIPINOS AS THE MAIN CHARACTERS.

According to ABS-CBN News, it will be entitled “Float,” and will be written and directed by a Filipino-American Pixar Animation Studios story artist named Bobby Rubio. Bobby has also worked on other well-known animated movies such as “Tarzan” and “Up.”

On his Twitter accounts, he announced that “#Pixar has 2 #FilipinoAmerican lead characters on a #Pixar #SparkShorts #Film!” Pixar’s SparkShorts is a new experimental storytelling initiative which aims to discover new storytellers and storytelling techniques. Because of this, SparkShorts has opened up its doors to more representation on-screen.

While “Float” has had no stated release date yet, please keep an eye out for it by following Bobby Rubio on his social media. His Instagram is “@bobbyrubio” and he will likely let us know when the short film will be available on YouTube.

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