Give Care-Givers a Due Care: Support and be supported.

Give Care-Givers a Due Care: Support and be supported.

The leading program that plays a quite vital role in our society is focused on tender and loving care to with another. This is not a new term and concept. Caring is loving. There is no congregation, religion, government, or even family that upholds that hatred should be its doctrinal foundation. If there is, that deserves condemnation!

Canada, through its leaders (regardless of their political parties), is known as one of the most welcoming, generous, and caring countries in the world. Peace is Canada’s masterpiece!

Despite conflicting political ideals and ideologies prior to and during the election seasons in Canada, still, respect has not been set aside. Leaders know how to concede after the defeat. They continue to care for the benefit of the common good or social welfare.

Just like other countries in the world, the political parties’ roles are just to lay their programs down on the table. Voters’ full knowledge, awareness, and decision are the ruling power. For instance, if one Party says that the Universal Health Care should be privatized; the other Party or Parties may oppose and firmly support that the Socialized or Universal Health Care be retained. Quite real, that whatever is true to one might not be true to the other and vice versa. But still, the central point is focused on caring.

In the case of the caregivers, there are lots of things that the government is trying to iron out. Look at Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen’s pilot caregiver programs. These may also earn criticisms (constructive or destructive) and Jason Kenney’s 4X4 policy has garnered a lot of that too. Opposing views, I would say, still never ruin the purpose. As the saying goes: “there’s so many ways to skin the cat.” Their differences are uniting.

Their programs are still subject to be scrutinized and decided by the 50% plus one vote. May the better Party win. And, once the majority is united, then, the temporary Ruling Party must be obeyed. Whoever they are, their governance must implement what they have promised. Once people’s needs are met, they will never stop to commit!

Who cares?
There has been a clamor for a contingent project for the benefits of the Filipinos in Edmonton. That is, the Philippine Community Centre or the Bahay Nayon sa Edmonton. What’s going on?  In reality, there was one that was called the Bayanihan Centre in the past. What happened?

There has also been discrimination happening in the workplace and in the community. Haven’t we felt that, or do we just ignore it? Are we lacking of courage or proper knowledge in order to stop them?

Do we really care?
How many Filipinos are here in Edmonton? Do we still want to have a community centre in the future? What can we contribute? Do we want to sacrifice a single penny to build our common dream? Do we truly support our ethnic community to complement the entire society—Edmonton?

If, after reading this you’re still confused, please never hesitate to contact the Alberta Filipino Journal through our website, Facebook page, and telephone numbers. We are willing to help you get connected to the proper authorities.

Remember, nothing fits together without substantial effort.

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