Edmonton’s Winter Has Finally Arrived With Extremely Cold Temperatures

Edmonton’s Winter Has Finally Arrived With Extremely Cold Temperatures
Here is a picture of a beach, a place we all would like to be in rather than the cold! (my picture from Cancun)

Edmonton, Alberta has finally reached its peak winter season now in 2019 with temperatures reaching as cold as -42 degrees Celsius and even lower with the windchill. With these cold temperatures it has been difficult for many people to leave their houses without the risk of catching frostbite or hypothermia. These weather conditions are extremely dangerous, leaving many individuals such as the youth, the elderly, and the homeless vulnerable, so it is important to report it to the proper authorities if you see someone in need of attention. Moreover, there are many other problems that have arisen because of the extreme cold temperatures. For example, ever since about February 4th, 2019, there have been hundreds of vehicle collisions due to slippery roads. All these collisions not only result in thousands of calls for operator services, but keep in mind that priority is given to vehicles in most need. There are not enough resources to see to everyone as quickly as possible. To try avoiding this, it is vital to drive at a speed that is adapted to the weather conditions as the posted speed limit is only for ideal driving conditions. We are all in a rush, but driving at a speed adapted to the weather conditions makes a huge difference in terms of preventing an accident on the road and allows for easier access to destinations.

As this cold weather continues, I deeply advise everyone to bundle up by wearing gloves, toques/bonnets, ear muffs, scarves, layers underneath one’s jacket, and proper footwear. With living in Edmonton comes the responsibility of dressing for these cold winter conditions. However, as these cold conditions start to die down, it’s also important to be aware of Edmonton’s changing weather patterns. The last point I would like to make is to plug your cars in as much as possible for you to be able to drive it the next day. I unfortunately did not plug my car one night and was not able to start it until a couple days after.

Edmonton has become a winter wonderland, so before we can jump into spring, let’s embrace this weather together!

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