Flu Shots For A Healthy Life

Flu Shots For A Healthy Life

By Salvador Granado

The government of Canada is doing everything it can to protect the nation from having an influenza outbreak and to make the nation healthy and productive. One way of ensuring this to make sure that everyone has access to a FREE FLU SHOT. By way of proper information through social media, the nation is reminded of keeping proper hygiene and to have a flu shot. Flu shots are administered from all pharmacies nationwide and all health clinics. On this matter, a friend of our community, a warm loving pharmacist and the owner of Remedy’sRx by the name of Judith Tan Macalintal. Remedy’sRx can be found at 4A-5268 Memorial Drive NE Calgary T2A2R1, visited the Tamaraw Seniors Club during their Thursday meeting to personally give free flu shots to those present. In the Tamaraw tee shirt is the president of the club, Mr. Frank Tigley, who was kind enough to let the other members have their shots first before he could get his own. In the white coat is pharmacist Judith Tan Macalintal.

Our kind pharmacist would also like to remind the people of the community that they can come to her pharmacy for advice regarding medications and other topics such as Diabetes Management, Medical Review, Travel Vaccines, Blood Pressure Management and the Blister Pack Program.

Please contact them at:
Tel: 403-455-8138
Fax: 403-455-8216
Email: memorialsquare@remedyrx.ca

MABUHAY ka Madame Judith!


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