Alberta Healthcare in danger?

Alberta Healthcare in danger?

The Federal Government spent $4.5 Billion in taxpayers’ money to buy the Trans Mountain Pipeline so it can be built, but it was stopped by the Federal Court of Appeals because it failed in its duty to consult the First Nations.
So it is clear that the Trudeau administration did not do its job in consulting the First Nations.

While I agree that they should have been consulted, the Trans Mountain Pipeline is a top priority project that affects the whole country. It is in the best interest of the whole country to get the pipeline built so we can tap global markets. This means more jobs for people and this will lead to an improvement in their livelihoods.

This shows you the lack of political will the Trudeau government has to build this pipeline. As the Federal Government, you can definitely go back to the Court and reiterate the importance of the pipeline for the economy of this country. Every country wants to get their products on the global market and Canada should do so as well. This way, we are not lenient in selling out oil to the United States of America.

What is even worse is that Canada, which produces oil, imports oil from Saudi Arabia. While Canadians go hungry, the people of Saudi Arabia are happy. No offense to Saudi Arabia, obviously their leaders are just looking out for their people but can the same be said about our leaders? There is something terribly wrong with this picture.
So if we have oil, why do we need to import it? Why not use our own oil like Norway? With the way it is going, it seems to me that the Trudeau government is not keen on getting the Trans Mountain pipeline project done. We know their concerns on environmental impacts, but how about hungry Canadians? Not getting your number one export product out om the Global Market is like saying the Canadian Oil business is closed.

This is the reason why there is a strong clamour for Western Canada especially Alberta & Saskatchewan, to separate from Canada.

As the Provincial elections draw near, it is getting louder and louder that people are not happy about the Carbon Tax. Why are we paying carbon tax when the Federal Government cannot even get the Trans Mountain Pipeline built? If there is no livelihood, where are we going to get the money to pay the carbon tax?The Trudeau administration has said that they give back 90% of the carbon tax back to the people, if this is true then why did you charge so much in the first place? And who administers these cheques and how much do they spend in taxpayers’ money to administer the payouts? An unsolicited piece of advice that I can give to Alberta Premier Rachel Notely is to tell Prime Minister Trudeau that we will stop collecting carbon tax if the Trans Mountain Pipeline is not built.


First and Foremost, let me make it clear that the reason why I am raising this is because it affects every Albertan. Health is wealth. Without a good healthcare system, we are in deep trouble. So the word is out that Alberta Conservatives Leader Jason Kenney is out to cut healthcare spending in an effort to try to balance the books. But by doing this, they will introduce a Private healthcare System. In short, there will be a dual system running.
Now you might be wondering, wouldn’t a dual system be better? That is what you think.

Why create a Privatized system when you already have a good healthcare system. Our existing healthcare system just needs some tweaking to make it better and reduce the wait times. There is a lot of ways that this can be done. If there is a need for more doctors, then why won’t we bring in more qualified doctors? While I understand that doctors from another country cannot just come to Canada to practice immediately, the Provincial Government can provide more tools to attract them and get them integrated into our Healthcare System with the help of the Doctors’ Associations.
A dual healthcare system is not needed because with our current system, you still can opt to go see a private Doctor at your own expense. Kenney says it would be healthier for there to be competition. He believes this will improve wait times. How can this improve wait times when the Public Healthcare System is missing doctors? By creating a private system, doctors can go private and the Public System will suffer more because as it is, we do not have enough doctors plus the System will be divided into two.

This will also separate the people with money from the people who do not have the money. Will this divide the house? Let me know what you think.


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