Resources on Pregnancy, Adoption and New Parents

Resources on Pregnancy, Adoption and New Parents

Whether it is the first or fourth child in the family, whether through adoption or pregnancy, changes that expand one’s family is both exciting and daunting.
Below are some resources that can help provide additional support to fill the gaps, or to supplement what is available in one’s home.

Resources for Parents Going Through and After Pregnancy
1. There are many resources available for preparation of the birth which can help with what to expect and things to address. A short list is:
a. Alberta Health Services Health for Two 780-735-3008
b. Terra Centre for Teen Parents: 780-428-3772
c. Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op: 780-423-1973

2. There are times when miscarriages, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) or other events occur, and the grieving family members need support to cope with the death and loss. Some resources are:
a. Grieving Parents Society of Edmonton: 780-451-5381
b. Baby’s Breath: 1-800-363-SIDS (7437)

3. Postpartum Depression is an important concern, and any woman who just gave birth and is experiencing symptoms should seek help in order to stay happy and healthy. Some resources are:
a. Family Futures Resource Network (Managing Motherhood): 780-413-4521
b. Pregnancy Care Centre: 780-424-2624

4. Sometimes, when more than one baby arrives, the challenges can multiply. Some resources that can help with a twin, triplet (or more) birth or adoption are:
a. Edmonton Twin and Triplet Club
b. Multiple Births Canada

Resources for Parents Going Through and After Adoption
1. Being well-equipped with knowledge about the adoption journey is really valuable. Some resources to get started are:
a. Adoption by Choice 780-448-1159
b. Adoption Options 780-718-4272
Many children are adopted at an older age and have challenges in their adjustment, mainly because they didn’t feel consistent love and support in their early years. Some resources that can help are:
a. Adoption Society of Alberta
b. F.A. C. E. S. Society of Alberta
c. Attachment Association of Canada:
Many of these resources are available in Edmonton, while some are within the province or even throughout the country. This is not an exhaustive list and only serves as a starting point for resources.

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