Another Successful Year for Undas sa Edmonton

Another Successful Year for Undas sa Edmonton

We have lived in Canada for many years and call it our home but as Filipinos, we continue to practice our culture. One such practice in particular, is “UNDAS”, which we celebrate during the Halloween season. Undas is when we go to the cemetery and visit our departed loved ones.

Alberta is now home to more than 175,000 Filipinos and the number is still growing. It is nice to see that our good friend Mr. Hermo Pagtakhan has taken the initiative to keep the “UNDAS” tradition going in Edmonton, Alberta for many years. This is an event where you can have the names of your loved ones listed and be included in the prayer offering. Not only do people get to pray for their departed relatives but they are also treated to a Filipino feast, which includes “lechon”.

Congratulations to Mr. Pagtakhan and all the people behind this successful project as well as to all the sponsors.


In our last Column, we talked about the Late Tessie Oliva who was the founder of the(FNAA) Filipino Nurses Association of Alberta and her contribution to the History of Nurses in the Province. Today we would like to feature an email we got in response to our last column.


I just got a copy of the Alberta Filipino Journal and was extremely delighted to read your write up.
Tessie was the godmother of my eldest child and we were co-founders of the FNAA in 1976. I am so pleased and beyond proud that she has put Filipinos in the limelight of Alberta’s pioneers. Hopefully, others will follow in her footsteps.

Thank you so much for the brief but factual article.

Best regards,
Lynnette Khu

It is nice to hear feedback from people like Lynette who appreciate our efforts to show the contribution of Filipino nurses in Alberta. Thank you, Lynette Khu, for appreciating my very brief column. Honestly, I believe that Filipinos have world-class talent. Not only do we work hard, we always find ways to improve our craft. As a Journalist for many years, I take pride in letting people know what Filipinos are all about and how they contribute to society and more. Just imagine how powerful Filipinos can be if we are united.


I am sad to announce that due to some personal health problems in the family, I and the Board of the (PMAA) Philippine Media Association of Alberta have decided to postpone our inauguration until further notice. Thank you for your kind understanding on this matter. For friends who still wish for a chance to sponsor us or help us, please feel free to email me or call me for sponsorship. We greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

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