Let us work together for the Kids of Marawi

Let us work together for the Kids of Marawi

Preparations are in high gear for the Philippine Media Association of Alberta’s partnership with the H.O.P.E. Through Sports in Marawi City.

In initial talks between the PMAA and H.O.P.E, the media association based in Edmonton will start rallying the community to donate their old (or even new) sports equipment like basketball, volleyball or soccer balls, tennis balls or rackets, softball gloves and balls, spike shoes for running or soccer shoes.

Professor Henry Daut and his team of volunteers from the Mindanao State University (MSU) said that they have been serving underprivileged kids in Mindanao, specially those who were recently affected by the war between government troops and the Maute Group but they would need some help.

This is very sad, ladies and gentlemen, because the war has affected the innocent kids in Marawi. If you can recall, the five-month war in May 2017 has displaced one million civilians, many of which are children. That is why Prof.Daut and his team have been conducting sports clinics for free as part of the children’s healing process.

PMAA president Nicky Go has started to identify areas where to place Balikbayan boxes where donors can leave their sports equipment donation. Philippine Business Society of Alberta (PBSA) president Celso Andrade, as owner of Sunfreight Cargo Forwarders, has committed already to support this project.

This brings me to Mr.Lising of UMAC or Mrs.Chua of Assured Cargo International, hoping that they will be able to read this “panawagan” and be able to help in this campaign for the kids in the Philippines.

Silently working is Ka Marco who has been doing the layout for the posters that will serve as information materials to all sports-loving Albertans.

Fellow Albertans, this is a noble project for the underprivileged kids in the Philippines and we call upon you to join us. Please give us a call at 780.807.4743 or email mocolumnist@albertafilipinojournal.com.

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