The Flight that was Might

The Flight that was Might
Jun Angeles

THE TRIO’S TRIUMPHS: A sign of hope and success can be traced through the footsteps of those who have traveled in life ahead of us—way ahead of us. And yet, they still have the time to wait for us, show us the way they have gone through, and lead us towards directions they have been aiming for.

With due respect, let me mention and vouch for the key persons behind my fruitful trip to the Philippines. They have been instrumental in my life by disposing their different capacities:

* Jun Angeles, Head Publisher of Alberta Filipino Journal. The means to an end. I wouldn’t have been known to and trusted by the next two guys if he had not exposed me as the editor-in-chief of his 10 year old paper in the Province of Alberta.

Resty Sta. Maria Reyes

* Resty Sta. Maria Reyes, Owner and President of the Fly Friendly Travel and Tours. The person who says what he means and means what he says. The anchor between his office and all the rests of the contact persons from the day of my departure to the Philippines up to my arrival here in Edmonton. He and his office staff at Fly Friendly Travels won’t leave you wandering whenever you’re lost. He truly cares about his friends. He opts not to call his customers clients, but friends! That is why he named his company FLY FRIENDLY!

* Benjamin Li, General Manager of Hong Kong Airlines in Vancouver, British Columbia. A very accommodating, kind, generous, and down-to-earth person. That, despite holding one of the most prestigious positions in a huge company such as Hong Kong Airlines; he can still manage to offer and engage to meet me in person. I had one request of him and all the rest of his staff: “That is, to treat not only the VIPs with dignity, but all passengers as well, equally.” He complied and this was testified by his office assistant.

Mr. Benjamin Li

THE IDEAL TRUTH: Man is a homoviator or a Traveler in Life.
The paradox: “Not everybody loves to travel.” This is especially so when there are unexpected obstacles along the way. But, with these kinds of service-oriented professionals, traveling can become both a comfort and luxury.

THE TRAVELLING EXPERIENCES: Meet and greet with the General Manager and his team in Vancouver.

I am proudly announcing that Hong Kong Airlines is dignified by having Benjamin Li, General Manager at HK Airlines-Vancouver. Benjamin gave me the Lounge Invitations packages and upgraded my seats from Economy to Business Class. His amazing power in this Airline Company also ventilated me with the air of more privileges as he re-arranged my flight back to Edmonton when I missed my scheduled flight.

INVITATIONS TO HONG KONG AIRLINES’ LOUNGE IN VANCOUVER AND HONG KONG: It was an abundance of good food, wine and liquor. The customer service was also beyond expectations. You will be served and can self-serve until you’re satiated.

THE HK AIRLINES’ CONNECTING FLIGHTS: A few steps away from your original flight. You don’t have to take bus or train to catch the next plane going to your desired destination. So accessible. Of course, FLY FRIENDLY hasn’t committed mistakes by sending me to my destinations boarding HK Airlines via Hong Kong.

Yes, I am not ashamed to reveal my idiocy when I missed my flight last June 16, 2018, 6:55 AM at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. There was a greater purpose. I had the chance to meet and acquainted with Hong Kong Airlines’ officers like Rameses “Kisses” Angara Padernos and Francisco Seguera Sales of Ninoy Aquino International Airport. To these people, I give a grand salute for taking care of me when I missed my original flight schedule.

By then, I felt comfortable dealing with them. We treated one another as if we’d known each other for so long. Truly, there are no strangers; only persons we haven’t met yet and now that I’ve gotten to know them, I can say with surety that they will surely render to all, the kind of redemptive services they extended to me when I was lost.

AT THE GATE: Hong Kong Airlines bringing people to New Horizons.

July Ann L. Candelario and Mark Joseph Goo, the Passenger Service Agents, made sure that Hong Kong Airline passengers are at the right entrance.

THE REASONS: They made me believe I can fly.

Once again, thanks to the Alberta Filipino Journal and Fly Friendly Travel and Tours for giving me the chance to avail of a FREE round-trip to the Philippines!



Mr. Benjamin Li, General Manager of Hong Kong Airlines in Vancouver. With his assistant.
Mr. Benjamin Li, General Manager of Hong Kong Airlines in Vancouver. With his assistant.
Rameses “Kisses” Angara Padiernos, Aiport Services Officer, Hong Kong Airlines, Manila Station; Francisco Seguera Sales, Airport Services Officer, Hong Kong Airlines, Manila Station; Lito Mendoza Velasco, Editor-in-Chief, Alberta Filipino Journal
July Ann L. Candelario, Mark Joeph Goo, Passenger Service agents, Hong Kong Airlines, Manila Station
Receptionists at HK Airlines’ Lounge in Hong Kong
Receptionists at HK Airlines’ Lounge in Hong Kong
Shangrila Plaza Hotel Night Shift Team
Mahyie Tandog, Day Shift Duty Manager, Shangrila Plaza Hotel, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
HK Airlines’ Plaza Premium Lounge in Vancouver with the two customer service crews at the food counter
Robby, Manager at Hukad Restaurant, McKinley Hills, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, near Venice Grand Canal

Photos by Lito Velasco | Alberta Filipino Journal

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