DRAMATURGICAL: Duplication and Replication of the Old Version?
The month of May is known as the festival season almost everywhere in the world, especially in the Philippines. People are so engrossed in taking holidays in order to be prepared for the socio-civic and religious observances. To name a few, there has long been a traditional Reyna Elena or Santakrusan, the May Flower of Flores de Mayo. The commemoration of A particular patron Saint’s contributions to the church or society has also been conspicuously observed. Some are even producing stage plays and films to entertain.

Yes, it is inherent in man to entertain and be entertained. The love to reminisce is one of the factors that brings us all back to historical joy or pain. The passion to dramatize one’s prominent figure became the focus of interest of most authors as well as film makers. The Soap Opera Mania has also been prevalent among us. That what makes a person cries not because he has the actual problems, but instead, he just has revisited the past. He dwells on the old life. Unfortunately, he cries on other people’s malevolent lives. More probably, that might have hindered him to frame the future.

Life’s Drama: It is where almost everyone, even without audition or proper screening, can become one of the main casts in the film. One can even choose to become a director or producer of the stage play. Some play the role of promoters. The majority has just aimed to become audience or viewers so that they can deliberately criticize either constructively or destructively. A good number still aspires to serve as the Regulatory or Censorship Board so they can cut the impertinent scenes or totally reject the entire film.

Paralleled to this is the real life situation wherein majority of our fellowmen or friends are over-directing. They may always have the tendency to direct our lives and on the other hand, we are over-acting. Maybe, because it’s called a perfect drama. The problem with the regulatory commission, most of the time, is its cultural orientation. When the person in authority is culturally conditioned, he might have thought that whatever does not jibe with his previous orientations may be considered elicit or taboo.

As a result, your own script will certainly be rejected. They will cut some vital scenes yet devoid of alternative in return. The Censorship representative loves CUTTING without RECONNECTING. Merely telling whatever is bad, but not telling what is good.

If you give someone the right to rule over your life; he will precisely be swallowing you alive. He will become your authority and greatest influence. Coming to the point that your own decisions would be relying on his decisions. Your identity will be at risk. His drama will become your perfect drama!

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