Love versus Regrets. As what they say, “Never regret loving someone.” What they said is true because we should never regret loving someone – but why does your name the first thing that comes up into my mind when I hear the word “regrets?” Other people regret loving someone while others regret letting them go. But I regret on loving and picking someone else before you that is always by my side in every problems that I have been through. However, so much questions come up into my mind when I hear the word, “regrets.”

I loved you more than my life. I loved you out of all things. From billions of people in the whole world, I chose you–I chose you to be part of my life. I chose you because my heart shouts your name every day and every night. I did not listen to the cry of the world because I only listened to your heart. Did I choose the right person over you? Or is it another mistake I made? Am I right to love her than loving you? Or should I let her go?

Why is it so hard to love a person that would not let you go? Why is it easy to make mistakes yet hard to regret doing it. A regret caused by two reasons but I do not what is right or wrong: True Love yet Foolish Time or Foolish Love yet True Time.Should I use my heart or should I use my mind? Love, I am sorry. Sorry for all the things I have done. Sorry because I hurt you so much. Love, I am sorry because I did not mind you through all this time. I am sorry because I only call you when I only need you. Love, I am sorry because I only loved you when you were gone. When you were not by my side anymore. When you were not by my presence anymore. Love, I am sorry because I only treated you as a friend. I regret all of those. I regret all the mistakes I made. I regret all my stupidity. But Love, forgive me because I made the biggest mistake on my life… that I chose someone before you.

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