Jason Kenney = Proven Leadership

Jason Kenney  = Proven Leadership

“Restoring The Alberta Advantage”

For almost three decades Jason Kenney has devoted his life to public service. His passion is “to renew Canada’s promise as a land of opportunity …and the envy of the world”. His focus is unity not division.

He was the longest-serving Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, during which time he implemented fundamental reforms to help new Canadians succeed while strengthening the fairness and integrity of the system. During this period the Philippines became Canada’s top source country for immigrants; and permanent residency for Filipinos increased by 187%.

In 2006 Filipinos accounted for 7% of all permanent residency approvals. The Philippines ranked #3 (17,717), approximately half that of #1 which is China with 33,080. By 2015, the Conservatives last year in office, Filipinos accounted for 18.7% of permanent residency approvals. The Philippines was easily the #1 (50,846) source country; with India at #2 (39,530).

He constantly reached out to new Canadians and members of our cultural minorities. His programs are inspired and motivated by their stories of how they struggled to overcome adversity in making Canada their new home.

Over the past three elections the Conservatives have doubled their votes amongst new Canadians, claiming to be the only centre-right party in the developed world to win a higher percentage of votes from immigrants than native-born citizens!

Jason Kenney is inviting us to unite Alberta around a common cause – getting the province back on the right track and restore the Alberta Advantage.

Let us join Jason Kenney in this journey!

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