Tradition of Leadership

Tradition of Leadership

Publisher and president of the Congress of the Philippine Associations of Alberta, together with his team, paid Panaderia on 99, Sarap-Sarap Restaurant along 107 Street in downtown as well as the Kusina Filipino along 97 Street-North, a short visit as a gesture of support. He always loves to see our kababayans in business truly excelling.

L - R: Sports Editor Mo, Publisher Jun, and the Owner of Kusina Filipino (Photo by Lito Velasco)

L - R: Publisher Jun Angeles, Owners of Panaderia on 99 Mrs. Eva Yeo and her son Rolando Robles (Photo by Lito Velasco)

L - R: Publisher Jun Angeles, Sports Editor Mo Billacura, Sarap-Sarap owner Rod Magnaye, Nanay, and Abel Cereno (Photo by Lito Velasco)

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