History of the Filipino Senior Citizens Association (FSCA)

History of the Filipino Senior Citizens Association (FSCA)

The Filipino Senior Citizens Association was founded by the late Tekla Beltran, Annie Dioquino, Maxima Corpus and Emy Angeles. Their prime objectives were to encourage Filipino Seniors to help one another, maintain goodwill enjoy each other’s company, amongst co Filipino seniors.

With the assistance of Jose “Jun” Angeles and the late Wilf Ladores, FSCA was registered with the Alberta Consumer and Corporate Affairs in Edmonton Alberta on February 19, 1982.
The associations with its many dedicated officers worked together in managing, implementing its guidelines, planning and conducting various activities, in order to meet its goals and objectives.

Past FSCA Presidents:
1983 Late Annie Dioquino Fune
1984 Late Remedios Borromeo
1985 Late Prisco Ballesteros
1986 Late Annie Dioquino
1987 Benny Marasigan
1988 – Late Nita Salvador
1989 – 1990 Late Ching Aranas
1991 – 1992 Late Flora Cruz
1993 – 2002 Late Dolly O. Yra
2003 – 2004 Late Ed Castillo
2005 – 2010 Late Fanny Castillo
2011 – 2012 Ofelia Agbulos
2013 – 2016 Joyce Dizon
2017 – Present Lucy Manuntag

Fostering Active, Healthy and Responsible Seniors
Apart from its regular Sunday socials, singing groups and dancing groups have been organized. The FSCA Golden Voice Choir was formed and is headed by Amanda (Inday) Toledo. The Cultural Dance group is headed by the loving, patient and talented Sollie Lampa while the Line Dancers group is headed by Nida Juanillo and Danny Garcia who demonstrate great patience in teaching. These groups perform when needed by the greater Edmonton senior community.

As part of the continuing care programs and entertainment, the newest addition to FSCA is the formation of the “FSCA Golden Lolo’s Band” with August Sune, Tito Lopez, Gaab Banaag and Cesar Manuntag. The crooners are Rod Acuna, Pablo Lampa, Vic Torralba and Pol DeJesus. The band faithfully practices every Thursday at Korean Centre.

The birth of FSCA yielded yearly celebrations: Mrs. FSCA Valentine Queen of Hearts, Little King and Little Queen, Lenten Pabasa (Chanting) and Flores the Mayo. Member birthdays are celebrated each month with attendance, when possible, by MP Kelly McCauley who very generously presents scrolls for the birthday milestones. The association’s anniversary is celebrated each year with a big party event that showcase the Queen of FSCA and its Royal Court. Filipinos love to celebrate, and this is another way of fund raising and parading the FSCA beauties.

FSCA implemented the “no Styro” rule to assist in helping the environment with responsible sustainability. No Styrofoam products are used in Sunday gatherings. Members bring their own plates, cups and cutlery.

Continuous learning is valuable to FSCA. Educational trips are taken when possible. Technology courses are held in-house, such as Zoom to assist seniors with ever evolving technology.
Through the years FSCA has moved to various locations for its meetings and social activities. Now we are proud to have a permanent home and an office at the Edmonton Korean Community Center, the biggest endeavor of the association

Accomplishments and Contributions to the Greater Edmonton Seniors Community
Through the years the association had embarked on many projects and programs, all for the betterment of its members and the greater Edmonton Seniors community. In the first years of the association where it was struggling for funding to sustain the group, it was still able to donate to various government agencies such as the Diabetes and Heart and Stroke Foundations, to Breast and Cancer Research, and to the Yolanda Calamity relief in the Philippines.

Ongoing activities include entertaining at the Edmonton General Continuing Care Hospital and performing at various Senior homes, Continuing care lodges, hospitals and at funeral services. Past community service accomplishments include; hosting a Special Citizenship Court at the provincial museum resulting in FSCA receiving a citation for outstanding community service, and dance performances in Wetaskiwin during the Edmonton Fiesta in the Park, Philippine Heritage Month, organized by Ida Lucila.

The Choir was a participant of the Lingap Canada, for the televised International Day of Peace. The Choir also sang Christmas Carol in that event.

The Pandemic and FSCA Loyal Supporters
The past 2 years of Covid 19 pandemic and its restrictions brought much stress for FSCA and its members. However, FSCA had been lucky to have supporters that helped in keeping members healthy by assisting in keeping communication lines open. The Mennonite Association, with the help of Nicole Nebril by their group TAYO, distributed 5 IPads to seniors. The Heart Of Yeg headed by April dela Paz delivered Christmas hampers to seniors that lived alone. Sage is another group that gave FSCA seniors 100 plus Pandemic Kits. The FSCA ZOOM prayer group, currently with 19 members was formed with members praying every night. This was made possible through a grant from the New Horizons for Seniors programs.

Another Pandemic project was the purchase of 57 iPads for FSCA members. The grant was possible through the Government CIP program and included eligibility criteria of seniors having current active Social media platforms to foster communication during the pandemic.

With the Covid protocols being lifted Seniors will be resuming their Sunday gathering March 13 at the Korean community Centre.

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