No Entry! Provincial Borders and Keystone Pipeline

No Entry! Provincial Borders and Keystone Pipeline

Photo source: rblood/Flickr via NRDC

In the effort by their Provincial Government to further stop the spread of the Corona Virus, the BC Government is seriously considering a regulation that will prevent Albertans from entering their province unless it is official business. The ongoing pandemic has also seen a divided view among provinces on the need to lock down and prevent people from crossing their border unless it is official business. In Manitoba, it is mandatory that anyone who crosses the border should quarantine for 14 days.

With the increase of the number of Corona Virus Variant’s cases, the Canadian Provinces are stepping up their measures to discourage people from travelling during the pandemic.

After gaining ground to control daily cases of the Corona Virus, Alberta has started to ease up on some restrictions and is slowly restarting the economy.

In my own opinion, I strongly believe that no Province will survive if they do not restart the economy, especially Alberta. The Province has been hurting since the oil downturn a few years back and has not even recovered from it.


A few months ago, we saw a silver lining when the US Government, under Former US President Donald Trump approved the Keystone Pipeline which was welcomed by Canadians, and Albertans especially. But after the recent US Presidential Elections, Trump lost to President Joe Biden. True to his campaign promise, President Biden, without any delay, signed an executive order to withdraw the permit for the pipeline to cross the US-Canada Border, thus putting a hold on the project again which is another big blow to the Government of Alberta.

Was Alberta Premier Jason Kenney not aware of what was going to happen to the Keystone pipeline if Presidential Candidate Joe Biden won the elections?

If the Kenney Administration was aware, why didn’t they send an emissary long before the elections to try to find middle ground to negotiate and reconcile whatever would have been favourable between President Biden’s new leadership styles and the government of Alberta under Kenney’s term of office?

In the meantime, I wonder what the Opposition did to help improve the situation and protect the interests of the pipeline which is essential to Alberta?

As a part of Government, the Opposition plays an important role and it would be nice to find out if they did act on this matter prior to the US Presidential elections. Former US Presidential adviser John Podesta has recently said that “The project is gone and not coming back” on his comment if President Biden is going to change his mind. Before I close, my question is, who is the true defender of the interests of Albertans? Please let me know your thoughts. Feel free to email us at for your comments or questions.

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