Volunteer initiates call for another Duterte to lead in '22

Volunteer initiates call for another Duterte to lead in '22

EDMONTON — Benjie Lindo has initiated a campaign in 2016 for then Mayor Rody Duterte to run for President in the Philippines.

This time, the Duterte Volunteers Alberta Canada chair is initiating another one, for President Duterte’s daughter, Davao City mayor Sara Z. Duterte to join the presidential run next year.

“Tuloy tuloy sa pagbabago,” Lindo said over myRadio 580 AM’s “Usapin Pinoy” hosted by Tony Surtida on Feb.11.

Under the Philippine Constitution, presidents can only serve one term of six years and Lindo said this is a concern because the programs and projects that have been started by the current president could either be derailed or stopped by the next president who may change the direction of programs.

Duterte and his political allies have introduced “Build, Build, Build” that saw the building of roads in cities haunted by hours of traffic and other infrastructure projects, universal health care for all Filipinos, initiated peace talks with communist rebels and Moro separatists, and the economy’s growth has recorded 6.6 per year. Last year, the Japan Credit Rating Agency even upgraded the Philippines’ credit rating from BBB+ to A-.

The opposition kept on criticizing him for his authoritarian style and yet Duterte has continued to be popular among Filipinos and scored a high approval rating of 91% in a survey done by Pulse Asia last year.

Lindo believed that with Sara Duterte succeeding as the next president, the economic progress enjoyed by Filipinos will continue for the next six years.

Lindo, in partnership with UMAC Cargo, has printed “Run Sara, Run” stickers and car plates to start disseminating the call for the Davao mayor to consider running for the highest public office.

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