“HIKAW at Ako!”

“HIKAW at Ako!”

As COVID-19 has forced many of us into quarantine, I’m sure that we’ve all found creative ways to pass the time. During the pandemic, I developed the skill of making polymer clay earrings. It’s a process that I find meditative and it has brought me great joy during my days at home. With that in mind, I also love being able to share my culture, so I am proud present “Hikaw”!

As you may know, hikaw is the Filipino word for “earring”. I wanted to pay homage to my Filipino Heritage by dedicating a brand that uses notes from the Philippines. You can check out each design at our website, www.hikaw.shop or our Instagram @hikaw_shop. We are planning to donate a portion of the proceeds to a Filipino charity soon, so please email any suggestions you have to info@hikaw.shop.

Me, Riana Torrejon, wearing the Champorado!

My personal favourite, the Tsokolate.

Our bestselling earring, the Champorado.

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