Accessing Information on Local Issues

Accessing Information on Local Issues

There are many ways to get information on different topics these days, and many times, the topics that we are interested in are topics that people from all over the world or the country are also interested in. In many ways, hearing from people from other provinces or countries is a good thing. However, there may be times that you might want to learn deeply about what is going on in the city or the neighbourhood.

This resource article outlines some local resources that you can subscribe to:
1. Newsletters from the City of Edmonton on focus topics:
The City of Edmonton serves its residents in different areas, and for many of these departments, there is a electronic newsletter available that people can subscribe to in order to receive updates. The entire catalogue can be found at: Here are some of my suggested newsletters mainly because of my interests, and I encourage you to browse through the entire list to see which topics interest you.
a. Online Public Engagement: The Edmonton Insight Community Newsletter
b. Neighbourhood Services: The Keep Neighbouring Newsletter
c. LRT Construction and Expansion: The LRT Projects-Stay Informed Newsletter

2. Newsletter from your neighbourhood Community League:
Community Leagues are our city’s volunteer-based associations that gives residents and opportunity to serve and care for each other at a neighbourhood level. In addition to maintaining a hall or facilities such as a tennis court or ice rink, and in addition to organizing events for the community, they also try to disseminate information that they find most relevant to their neighbourhood. An easy way to check if there is a newsletter for your neighbourhood is by checking your mail or searching online. Here are some examples of neighbourhood-based newsletters in the city:
a. The Terwillegar Tribune: This is published by the Terwillegar Community League which is based on the southwest part of the city. A print copy is distributed to each resident, and the online versions are available at:
b. Southeast Voice: This is a joint newspaper that covers several neighbourhoods such as: Avenmore, Capilano, Cloverdale, Forest Terrace Heights, Fulton Place, Gold Bar, Holyrood, Idylwylde, Kenilworth, Ottewell, Strathearn. A print copy is distributed to over 18,000 households in the area, and digital copies can be accessed at:
c. Secord Community League Newsletter: Secord is one of the newer neighbourhoods on the northwest side of the city. Their newsletter talks about upcoming events and ways to get involved, a physical copy is delivered to homes and online versions be accessed at:

3. Other local media outlets:
In addition to diligently reading our very own Alberta Filipino Journal, subscribing on other local media outlets can be a great way to enrich our understanding of what is going on in the city, as well as hearing perspectives from others who care about the community. These two are just a few recommendations.
a. Taproot Edmonton: This media company was launched right after the 2017 elections to cover local content. In addition to a weekly podcast that summarizes key political updates, they also provide email roundups, which is a weekly summary of pertinent news about a particular topic such as arts and culture, the technology sector, business and politics.
b. Diversity Magazine: This media outlet is in many ways, like the Alberta Filipino Journal. It is a media outlet launched by an ethnic community and has been flourishing for many years. It is valuable to check out the content that other outlets produce to better understand similar issues that their communities highlight as well unique insights and stories they share that pertains to the people they serve.

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