COVID, COVID, COVID: An Unreasonable Phenomenon That Carries Various Unsound Connotations and Restrictions

COVID, COVID, COVID: An Unreasonable Phenomenon That Carries Various Unsound Connotations and Restrictions

COVID: Concoction Of Variant/Various Infectious Deadly-Diseases
COVID: Composition Of Volatile Ineffective Drugs
COVID: Complacency Offers Victory in Desire
COVID: Completion Of Vicious Intention and Desire
COVID: Controlling Order Victoriously Instigating Drudgery
COVID: Coming Over Virtual Improvement Day-in-day-out
COVID: Confusing Ordinance Virtually Implemented Daily

Nothing can be the cause of the phenomenon when the phenomenon does not occur. From nothing, nothing comes. Except of course in the realm of God’s existence; because He is the Uncaused Cause.

In any situation, there must be a cause and effect relationship as to logic by which the antecedent and consequent relationship should be established in order to arrive at a sound generalization or conclusion. This pandemic has been gripping the whole world by leaving its people mentally disturbed. It makes me feel and think that these people passed away not because of the virus but due to nervous breakdown. People died before their natural death arrives. Suicide has been considered as one of the options to end this mental torture and moral devastation. Unhealthy minds generate a social neurosis. Almost everyone has been hesitant and suspecting. Physical distancing has become a new form of harmony and expression of justice and charity. While, unconsciously or even in reality, it is developing the culture of anxiety as well as of insecurity. In the long run, it produces people who will choose to be indifferent and apathetic.

Excessive fear of the Covid-19 virus is deadlier than the virus itself. This pandemic’s cause is the hardest to understand. Its proof of existence or evidence is undiscoverable but its effect has already been enjoyed by the intellectuals. This becomes the Taipan’s or the most powerful men’s workshop wherein they could have been dictating the scientists and technologists to excel in their fields of expertise. It may be tantamount to military science whereby all the soldiers are profoundly trained about warfare tactics in order to win the battle. But, how can they win the battle? Of course, they need to have enemies. Ah, this maybe the reason why there is what we called “Games of the Generals.” This maybe the reason why there are books I’ve read that some of the military high ranking officers form their own enemies. Otherwise, upon whom will they apply the arts of war they have learned from the military schools? They are trained to achieve peace by striking down adversaries. Well, I also believe that there are some who genuinely take care of our welfare. They are there to maintain a peaceful society and protect us from colonial and external aggression.

Unreasonable reason for this phenomenon
“Health is wealth.” This is great and we truly learned this from the past. That is why, we take care of our health. That is why, we love the Country where healthcare is socialized and as they say, free (though, nothing is free). But, at least, we believe it’s free. We are truly put on guard for our health. That is why masks are a must! That is why we always sanitize our hands with alcohol. That is why we just communicate through the use of toe internet and other forms of virtual communication.

The question: Who truly enjoys this phenomenon?
“Wealth is health.” Look around and observe! Who owns the big distributors and manufacturers of masks our government is strictly mandating us to wear? Who owns and manufactures those sanitizers, gloves, gowns, etc. Who owns and are the producers of personal computers, cellphones, and internet connections? Don’t we realize that these may be some of the vivid proofs of monopoly and manipulation? Haven’t we noticed that they may be exerting most of their efforts to formulate and impose the mandatory vaccination because they were the creators of this morbid Covid? What do they really need? For the most powerful men in the world, wealth is the dose for their good health. I might be wrong. Sorry! Are you sure? There is only one thing I am certain, that is, there is a subjective uncertainty.

An early bird catches an early worm. But, in our situation, who is the worm?

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