Local YEG Business Spotlight: Reform Restoration

Local YEG Business Spotlight: Reform Restoration
Filipino Entrepreneur: Noah Sulit

The following content is from a local YEG Filipino entrepreneur named Noah Sulit who has recently opened a shoe cleaning company (Reform Restoration) and is looking forward to serving you! It is important during this time that we consider supporting local businesses in the midst of this pandemic. I would like to offer my platform to Noah this month to be able to share his company’s offerings! Here are some of Noah’s words regarding his story and the different services he offers:

Hello! My name is Noah Sulit and I take your beat-up sneakers and turn them into nearly brand-new condition. Being a sneaker enthusiast ever since my junior high days I have developed a passion in keeping my shoes clean no matter what. Every time I come home; I start cleaning my sneakers that I wore that day. Dirty or not, I have always strived to keep my shoes fresh. To me, a clean pair of shoes can heighten and one’s your appearance from the top down. From personal experience, I understand that having your shoes clean serves as a great confidence booster when stepping out through your door.

The idea of opening a shoe cleaning company (Reform Restoration) came to me through a friend. He asked me to clean a pair of his shoes because he knows how passionate I am. After I gave them back he asked me “Why don’t you start doing this for real?” It took me a while to commit to this idea, but eventually I gave it a try and the rest is history.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started I lost my job pretty early. With that being said I dove head first into pursuing cleaning sneakers fulltime. I have nearly a decade of experience in this industry and have dealt with different types of shoes such as leather, fabric, mesh, synthetic, suede, etc. You name it, my Reform Restoration will preserve it.

Reform Restoration Company Logo

My company Reform Restoration was founded on the idea of “staying fresh is for everyone.” Whether you have a limited-edition sneaker from ten years ago, or even a shoe that needs to be touched up just a little, I am here for that. With that being said, I treat every sneaker as if it is my own. I put a lot of tender loving care into each pair to restore it to the best of my ability.

It surprises me to this day how far my company has gone these past five months. I would have never envisioned I would be dealing with a vast demographic of clientele beyond “sneakerheads”. My clientele also includes, trades workers and their steel toe boots, business professionals with their loafers, and just the casual guy who hits up the gym that wants a pair done. The greatest feeling is returning the sneakers back to each client & seeing their faces of approval. It truly is the most rewarding feeling.

I have recently expanded my company to Vancouver, Calgary, & Winnipeg. So if you know anyone that needs there shoes done there are different social media pages for each city as well.

Reform Restoration has three different packages based on the condition of each shoe that I see. These packages are “The Classic”, The “Replenish”, & “The Resurrection”. To find more details on each package you can check my social media page on Instagram @ReformRestoration in the highlights tab.

Instagram: @ReformRestoration
Email: ReformRestoration@gmail.com

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