Hey there!

Hey there!

Oh hey there, how are you doing? How’s your day today? Just wanted to check up on you. I know it may be a really long and hard day for you but you made it! Or if you are just about to start your day, you will be just fine! How’s everything in your life right now? I know you may be going through a rough time but I know that you can do it and you will go about your normal day. Remember, no matter how rocky or smooth your life may be, it does not matter as long as your goal is to succeed. There will be a reward waiting for you at the finish line. This is just a reminder to always take care of yourself even though you may think you do not have the time to. I know that stress can be a factor of not doing “self-care” but trust me, a good rest can help you so much better before you go on and break a leg (not literally haha). As your day goes by, you might encounter a minor/major hindrance to your day. Just think about how you will treat yourself when you’ve gotten yourself through it. Would that be having 8 hours of sleep? A day off? Or maybe you’ll prepare a steak for yourself when you get home. Just remember, at the end, there will be a prize waiting for you. You may look at this and say that it is impossible to take a breather, but remember that taking care of yourself is just as, or even more, important than what you are dealing with right now. It can be a 5-minute break or it can be a 5-day break, who knows? But I tell you, it is important. Make sure to check in with other people too! Talking to a friend or two can be a great way to relax as well – catching up with them, going over how you’ve all been, or even talk about how you slipped on the snow the other day. Having a friend is such a great gift. A walk outside with your dog can be an amazing thing too! Taking a breath of fresh air without worrying about anything is very therapeutic to your mind.

I do not know who has or who wants to hear this, but you are loved. You may not feel you are, but you are loved by the people around you. I know this sounds very cliché, especially when you are hearing this from a teenager like me, but people out there cherish you. Remember to take care of yourself despite that hard math problem you are going through, that bad day at work, that all-nighter you pulled, or anything that is stressing you out.

From your friend or complete stranger, Gab.

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