CHRISTMAS: Much of Christ’s Love to Match

CHRISTMAS: Much of Christ’s Love to Match

Everyday is a Christmas. For the fact that the gift of life has been showered upon us, then, the reciprocity of love should be our daily habit. Over and above. Everyday is a blessing.

Christmas in our hearts. The more we love, the more we realize how much we need to love. The antithesis is: The more we hate, the more we realize how much we need to hate. Which one is dominant in your heart? If the message of Christmas is love, then why do we have to hate?

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Look, we are not asked to have a grand reunion or a social gathering in order to feel the joy of the Little Child’s birth. Christmas 2020 has truly taught us to simply celebrate and embrace the beauty of life with equanimity and merely stay with our loved ones who truly belong under the same roof.

Conquering the virus through Jesus. As defenders of faith, our primordial responsibility is to believe that Jesus is Mightier than the virus. We should not forget that the main celebrant during this Holy Season is none other than our Lord Jesus Christ. Hence, Christmas Day is His day. It is not the Corona Virus-19 Vaccine Day that is followed by Boxing Day. Aside from that, we can also conquer the virus by conquering our ways that are so vicious.

GOOD AFJ STUFF: Goodbye 2020; Good vibes 2021!
Anything that is not worth remembering, something that hurts or has stolen our self-worth and confidence should be buried in oblivion. The opposite, the positive feelings that you enjoy, must always be reminisced or recollected. AFJ has been highlighting events that would have also been both the sinistral and the dextral of the community and perhaps, become the integral core of our values.
LOOKING BACK: The past cannot be changed, but, it can always be a good fountain of wisdom. A good review is always the foundation of a better point of view. From January 2020, we have encountered challenges that have also molded and brought us to December of 2020. To wit,

January 2020
Theme: Never stop sharing the love abundantly in 2020.
Headline: TAAL: Another Test for Filipino’s resilience.
Editorial: Fine is not fine!
February 2020
Theme: Love fulfills
Headline: CORONA VIRUS ALERT IN CANADA: Prevention is better than cure!
Editorial: WHY?
March 2020
Theme: He who is in good faith is away from a bad fate.
Headline: GLOBAL PANDEMIC: Corona Virus spreads increasingly worldwide.
Editorial: The principle of appropriation.
April 2020
Theme: Live and let live amidst the morbid Covid.
Headline: COVID-19 Reignites the Pinoy Bayanihan Spirit
Editorial: AFJ amidst this morbid Covid.
May 2020
Theme: Genuine love is tested by crises.
Headline: Forming a Covid-19 Coalition, Kawanggawa
June 2020
Theme: Life itself matters.
Headline: GRANDE PRAIRE: The Philippine Flag waves in the sky.
Editorial: Life itself matters.
July 2020
Theme: It is better to be coordinated rather than governed.
Editorial: Suggested Organizational Approach or Technique.
August 2020
Theme: Be inspired rather than required.
Headline: Operate Home-Based Business Responsibly.
Editorial: Be inspired rather than required.
September 2020
Theme: Resilience is the requisite for subsistence.
Headline: Another Shining Star of Filipino Descent: Miss Universe Canada 2020 Delegate
October 2020
Theme: Where the family is, there our heart is.
Headline: Family Reunification: A Game of Luck?
Editorial: Hoping is coping.
November 2020
Theme: Rice is worthless in the world of emptiness.
Headline: ?
Editorial: It ain’t over until it’s over.
December 2020
Theme: Jesus is Mightier than the virus.
Headline: One of the first recipient of Covid-19 Virus in Ontario is a Filipina
Editorial: CHRISTMAS: Much of Christ’s Love to match, Good AFJ STUFF: Goodbye 2020, Good vibes 2021.

LOOKING AHEAD: The Future is still up to us!
An ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dry land. Thus, the right question should be asked – The WHY? For instance, why do I have to be educated? Why do I have to go abroad? Why do I wear a mask? By answering these questions, you will be clarified by your intention or goal. The right mind, therefore, shall be set. Mind is analogous to a clean engine. It generates power!

As 2020 is coming to an end, there is a better thing to hope for. In 2021, everything that we need should be won! We, through the mighty power of Jesus, will be victorious over the virus!


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