Today’s Reminder Feature: “THE ULTIMATE SECRET CURE (ANTI-VIRUS) to COVID-19!”

Today’s Reminder Feature: “THE ULTIMATE SECRET CURE (ANTI-VIRUS) to COVID-19!”

I would like to CLARIFY that any and all posts I share here have NO intention of disregarding or ignoring the deaths of countless citizens as a result of the Corona Virus, as well as the sacrifices of our front line healthcare workers, some of whom have paid the ultimate price and supreme sacrifice of giving their lives for dreams stronger than death in order to keep us safe from the virus.

Indeed I SALUTE and PRAY for them all.

Ever since my epiphany however, I have metamorphosed into a SERVANT LEADER, a STEWARD, a CHANGE AGENT, ADVOCATE OF TRUTH, DEFENDER OF JUSTICE and HERALD OF HOPE.

My Task, however, in these dark times is to provide a glimmer of hope to anyone who needs it by looking at the bright side of the future, when we have finally won the fight against the virus so that the deaths of our fellowmen and the front line workers have not been in vain.


The beginning of 2020 has revealed enough for deep reflection: Natural calamities all over the world: forest fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, record-breaking frigid temperatures and massive snowstorms. And now, the whole world is beset by the Corona Virus Pandemic.

A lot has already been written regarding the Corona Virus from a medical and disaster management standpoint. I now wish to give my two cents’ worth of thoughts on the current situation, by viewing it from another angle: the spiritual perspective. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do not mean to pontificate. I also do not profess myself to be an expert theologian. I offer here my thoughts as a layperson, a regular persistent sinner struggling every day to find my way to holiness.

With this in mind, I now proceed to reveal the ULTIMATE ANTI-VIRUS (CURE) to COVID-19!


Well folks, the ULTIMATE SECRET CURE is right before our eyes. We just have to open our eyes and ears to this secret.

Now READ this:
This is THE ULTIMATE SECRET I am revealing to everyone today, Good Friday 2020.
The CURE or ANTIVIRUS to the Virus (COVID-19) is actually… (Drum Roll!) JESUS!

Some people may ask “How can He be?
Jesus said “I AM the ALPHA and the OMEGA (the BEGINNING and the END)” (Revelations 22:13)
When you add Jesus (“A” and “O” the first letters of the words “Alpha” and “Omega”) into your lives, then the word “virus” will no longer be VIRUS. Instead, it will now read and BECOMES “SAVIOUR”!

If you really THINK about it: Our problems, including COVID-19, all started worldwide when we removed Jesus from our schools, institutions, government and basically from our life in the name of political correctness.

God works in mysterious ways. Everything HAPPENS for a REASON and in God’s PERFECT TIME. In my humble opinion, through COVID-19, GOD WANTS to REMIND us that we all have gone ASTRAY. Pretty much similar to the situation Moses and the Israelites experienced in EXODUS.

What SAVED the Israelites?

The BLOOD of the Lamb which they used to paint on the doors to their homes.
“LAMB” is a TITLE for JESUS in the Gospel of John. It appears in John 1:29 when John the Baptist sees Jesus and exclaimed “Behold The LAMB of God who TAKES AWAY the SINS of the World!”
It appears again in JOHN 1:36.

Now fast forward to TODAY 2020 (the YEAR of PERFECT VISION) here comes all of a sudden this COVID-19 which has become a worldwide pandemic. Something the world has NEVER SEEN before.

COVID-19, the “Great Equalizer”, affects all people and all races. It affects EVERYONE, rich and poor, young and old alike.

FAME, POWER and FORTUNE, are all USELESS and WORTHLESS in the face of COVID-19.

It disrupts ALL aspects of our lives.
The CURE is Still UNKNOWN.
It compels all of us to STAY at home.
BUT it gives ALL of us the chance and the time for self-reflection and to be able to search for a deeper meaning of our lives.

It comes to us right BEFORE the HOLY WEEK of 2020. Coincidence? Happenstance? I DON’T think so.
It comes with a Spiritual Message for RENEWAL

His MESSAGE is very much LOUD and clear: “COME BACK TO ME!”
What are we WAITING for?

Let’s all RENEW our lives by bringing Jesus BACK into our lives and fervently praying to our SAVIOUR, the LAMB of God. The ALPHA and the OMEGA. The BEGINNING and the END.

And who KNOWS? If God SEES and HEARS us PRAYING TOGETHER as God’s people, maybe, well actually, I have a STRONG FEELING that GOD WILLING, this COVID-19 WILL JUST SIMPLY DISAPPEAR and FADE AWAY into the mists of obscurity and things will start to get better by EASTER SUNDAY.

Now you may think it’s unthinkable. Not possible. But that’s us thinking with our limited human comprehension.
But to and for our God, NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE if He WILLS it.

Never underestimate the POWER of PRAYER especially when we PRAY TOGETHER as God’s people.
Remember there can be no Easter Sunday WITHOUT Good Friday.

Have a BLESSED EASTER weekend Folks!

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