WHY Is the most radically effective question about reality. Each of manifold questions is or meant to spark man’s imagination and excite his aspiration. By WONDER, human spirit is feasting. Motivating every one to love, dream, feel the needs, look forward to hope, and suspend judgement to believe or leap to faith. But, can also trigger to fear and grow weary. Man’s ability to imagine is the remarkable gift he has received in order to lead others into happiness through the attainment of his ambition. Sometimes, out of despair and disillusion.

So many times, man keeps on asking “why do I have to suffer this much in life instead of having a perfect one: a perfect world, a perfect country, a perfect home, a perfect job, or a perfect mate?” Man dreams about perfection, abundance, money, glory, and quantitative or qualitative change. He desires to be happy. He fantasizes about good or evil, about the achievement of success, the encounter of failure or defeat; lastly, about the past and future.

Wondering or contesting propels everyone to discover the suitable answer pertaining to the intricacies and paradoxes in life. Why triggers him to achieve his goals-it inspires all: to work, marry, pro-create, raise families, and contribute to improve the self and the society.

As the saying goes: “No man is an island.” That means, man, basically can not dissociate himself from the society. Aristotle said, man is a political animal. That is why, he invests in other people’s works. For instance, in books, movies, dancing, singing, ballgames, and even campings.

Man, by his volition, been used to wonder since childhood. Life devoid of proper questioning asset and methodology is doomed to die. It’s a boring life. One has to develop a positive self-talk in order to grow in wisdom. As Socrates said: “An unexamined or uninvestigated life is not worth-living.” One should Keep on asking in order to explore, learn and re-learn, comprehend, strive, and survive, seek pleasure and avoid pain, attempt, anticipate, correct, describe, solve, and achieve the desired result.

Whatever purpose man may have right now, it shall proceed from the power of the WHY.

For instance, once one says he wants to get married or get something done in order to draw-out a substantial purpose; he has to ask himself “Why do I have to get married or get this thing done right away?” Answering this question would surely lead one to his noble purpose and all other questions like what, when, where, and how would take into proper place.

The freedom of choice is being hampered and limited by the specific goal or purpose. Different choices serve as decoys that can be mind manipulating and disturbing, yet, aim to clarify one’s destination or direction.

Why do you have to love? Simply because, the more you love, the more you will realize how much you need to love.

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