Reciprocating Nationalism

Reciprocating Nationalism

The idea of nationalism gives the world better opportunities that help countries be more peaceful, prosperous and a better society for future generations. Although, do international organizations really help the world be more peaceful and organized? Or does it just apply to countries that do not have the power to object to the tyranny of the majority? The idea of having a world being one society is an example of an idea that is considered to be Utopian. That is why society should not embrace the perspective of “pro nationalism” because idealism has made humans believe that a world can be peaceful; however, international organizations do not help to achieve that.

The world cannot achieve a perfection. The world cannot expect a country going into war to follow war regulations. If a country is planning to conquer or achieve something, it is not ideal for a country to follow the rules, especially when the main purpose is to kill and conquer. An example of this is how, during World War II, Germany and Japan used nuclear weapons and poisonous gases in the war. If regulations were followed during this time, it would just be a whisper that would not be heard. For example, if a nation tells their enemy in war, that using nuclear weapons is “foul play,” they (the enemy) would not care, instead they would keep on doing it and use it as an advantage. War regulations are useless because when wars are already happening, people would do anything that they can just to achieve something even if it causes them to not follow the regulations.

Economic sanctions can be useful but it is not for countries that can prosper on their own. If economic sanctions are given to a developed country, it would not affect them as much because they already have their own resources that can make them live on their own. For example, if you put Canada under an economic sanction on oil, Canada will still prosper because they have Alberta as their main oil source. Although, if you put the Philippines under economic sanctions, it would affect the country greatly, because it relies on trade from other countries since it is not as developed as Canada. This shows how international organizations are useless because there are countries that can prosper on their own – in fact, the countries that can prosper on their own are the countries that developing countries rely on. If economic sanctions are put on them, it would not just affect them, but the whole world will be affected too.

Some people would say that society should embrace pro-nationalism because international organizations help remove trade barriers. An example of this is the USMCA (formerly NAFTA) where United States, Mexico and Canada can freely trade with one another without worrying about trade barriers. Some would also say that international organizations help countries have stronger bonds with each other. For example, Canada and the United States are “good friends” because they reciprocate trade with each other – wood and oil is given to the United States and in return, the United States gives Canada steel. Establishing an international organization like the UN can make countries have peaceful bonds that prevents war from happening. Although, international organizations are still useless and can be “one-sided” and have a “parasitic relationship” where one country benefits but the other, not as much. The North-American Free Trade Agreement seems to be unfair because the United States trades steel – which is a very expensive material that can be used to make cars and buildings – but they only get wood and oil in return which is not as expensive and precious as steel.

In conclusion, international organizations do not help the world become more prosperous and peaceful. Countries are made and divided because they can have their own laws and own agreements which make the diverse world with different perspectives have consensus and peace with one another. Economic sanctions do not really affect developed countries because they do not need to rely on other countries to prosper because they already have their own resources. That is why the world should not try to be idealistic and not strive for Utopia. In short, international organizations do not help a country prosper because not everyone benefits from it.

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