A Teenager’s Cry For Help

A Teenager’s Cry For Help

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth in Alberta. Poor mental health causes individuals to be unable to live a normal life. Mental health can be defined as one’s behavioral and emotional well being and having good mental health is being able to think and feel the way you are supposed to. However, people can go through a period of time where they struggle both physically and emotionally, where performing simple tasks may become difficult to accomplish.

Everyone experiences sadness at some point in life. However, depression is more than just feeling “sad.” Depression manifests with negative behaviors that are rooted in negative emotions. Some people believe that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

However, some can argue that depression can also be caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors. There are two types of depression: Major depression and dysthymic disorder. An individual with a major depressive disorder experiences the symptoms of depression for more than two weeks, and those symptoms are severe. An individual suffering from dysthymia, experiences less severe symptoms. Because some people are not well-educated on mental illnesses such as depression, some fail to recognize when others are going through it, or that they are going through it. People with depression are pulled into a dark place where things that normally makes them happy no longer has any effect on them. Because suicide or attempted suicide is committed most commonly by individuals dealing with depression, it is important to look after people around you, and educate yourself about it.

As a teenager, I have come across many students around my age who suffer from several mental illnesses. Depression seems to be the “deadliest” and common mental illnesses teenagers can suffer from. There are many factors that contribute to depression among teenagers including stress, peer issues, bullying, issues affecting a low self esteem, and more. During my last year of Junior High, my school dealt with two suicides. This opened up everyone’s eyes, hearts, and minds when it came to mental health. Everybody realized how important it is to look after one another, for we don’t know what someone else could be dealing with. People, including myself, learned that asking for help and talking to people you trust can make you feel less “lonely,” and allows you to get things off of your chest.

Teen depression is a serious disorder that changes the way one feels and functions in their daily lives. This causes issues at home, school, and also affects one’s social life. Because teenagers are pressured to do well academically, a simple “low” mark can bring them down, making them feel worthless and a disappointment in their parents’ lives.

The negative feelings caused by depression can become so severe that individuals experiencing these can’t seem to find any solution to anything besides to hurt themselves, or others. As a teenager, I can simply say that being one is hard due to the pressure surrounding us. The increasing academic pressures and social challenges negatively impact our daily lives, putting a huge weight on our backs. While not every teenager may be suffering from depression, many of us feel stressed out, and often get the feeling of not being “good enough”. Therefore, adults, especially parents, should look after their kids, observing every change that they undergo. Parents should never put a lot of pressure on kids, as this often not only leads to depression, but also anxiety. Parents should make themselves available for their kids to talk to about anything, as this helps them build trust, and feel loved.

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