This Christmas

This Christmas

An accepting community makes all the difference, especially when we cannot accept ourselves. Those who truly love us remind us how to best love ourselves.

Mental illness such as depression is a common medical condition with many emotional, physical, behavioural, and cognitive symptoms. However, because it is an invisible condition, many can choose to suffer in silence and some eventually decide to end their life. There is help available, whether it is counselling, our loved ones, or more. I want to remind you all that there is another day for you and there is more of life to experience. More of life to live remains on the other side of treatment. It’s important to remember that the disorder can typically be successfully treated.

This coming Christmas, let’s remember that one of the best gifts we can give one another is presence. Let your loved ones know that you’d like to spend time with them; that you’d like to hear about how their lives have really been. Ask people, “How is your heart? How is your soul?” rather than just asking “How are you?”

We can be better for one another, and it will be better for everyone.

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