Resources on Leisure and Recreation

Resources on Leisure and Recreation

Leisure and recreation are not simply about playing or having fun (though it is a huge benefit), but it is also crucial for one’s physical, mental, social and emotional health. Finding activities whether it is athletic, creative, educational, structured or flexible that is engaging and enjoyable should be integrated in our lives. However, sometimes it can be challenging to find options that suit one’s location, budget, and availability.

This short list of resources can help with getting started.

Recreational Sports
1. Edmonton Sports and Social Club: This organization offers a sport experiences that focuses on “fun first, winning second” mindset. They organize leagues and tournaments for different sports and events where there’s something for everyone no matter what skill level. Join as an individual or form teams to participate. The website is

2. Community Leagues in Your Neighbourhood: Every neighbourhood in Edmonton has a community league, which provides different programs, activities and events that is close to home. You can go to and search for the community league in your area, to find out what activities are happening.

Events To Attend
1. Explore Edmonton Events Calendar: Explore Edmonton is an initiative that aims to highlight Edmonton as an incredible place to visit as explore. Their event calendar is a great opportunity to find out upcoming events and activities, including unique ones you haven’t heard before. The website is

2. City of Edmonton Events Calendar: This event calendar is a great way to check out popular events that are hosted by different organizations in Edmonton, as well as activities that are availably on a regularly scheduled basis for a period of time, such as exhibits and festivals. The link is

Leisure Programs for People with Disabilities
1. Alberta AdaptAbilities Association: This organization provides various programs to provide recreation for people with disabilities. They have programs at their location as well as in-home services so that the person with disability have an enjoyable activity while the caregivers have a chance to rest. The website is and the phone number is 780-431-8446

2. Paralympic Sports Association: The Paralympic Sports Association (PSA) is a charitable, volunteer driven, organization that provides sport and recreation opportunities for children, youth, teens, adults and seniors with disability and their family and friends. They have programs for different ages and are located in Edmonton and other major areas on Alberta. The website is

While this is no way an exhaustive list, the goal is to encourage seeking out information and assistance for any type of challenge, not matter how big or small, how common or not. For any readers who are not directly served by the area where the outlined organizations are listed, it is likely that equivalents are available by searching the topic and adding the name of your location.

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