Progress In Spirit Or Spirit In Progress?

Progress In Spirit Or Spirit In Progress?


The Christmas Spirit

I asked some of the employees here about the significance of Christmas Trees being displayed in the hallway. Most of them told me that it’s “the spirit of Christmas.”

I teased them by saying: “If it’s the spirit of Christmas, why is it quite visible and on the other hand, almost blocking the hallway?”

As far as I know, spirit is invisible. And, good spirit is not hindering or delaying someone from moving especially in a very congested hallway. If Christmas Trees in any places would only serve as obstacles; then, I would rather not see the spirit. Lol

The spirit of the newly implanted project: The Connect Care

For some, it’s implementation is an advantage; but, for so many, this program is the otherwise. As you can see, these computers in the middle of the hallways are hindering and delaying other workers to access their desired destinations inside this building.

Once again, it is true. And, 101% agreeable that progress being facilitated by technology should be upheld and implemented. Provided that the methods would be enjoyed, favourable, and beneficial to everybody. But look! How can other workers, staff, and pedestrians safely go through these corridors if these computers and even other professionals (They maybe bosses, managers, nurses, doctors, etc., et al.) are most of the time, in the middle of the hallways. If this is what they called spirit, well, I don’t like to see them!” Lol

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