CHRISTMAS IN OUR HEARTS: Should not be Christmas that Hurts!

CHRISTMAS IN OUR HEARTS: Should not be Christmas that Hurts!

The parable of the hostage
From the rising of the sun to its setting, a poor boy has long been consistently and devoutly praying to the Sto. Niño about his desire to have a bicycle as his gift last Christmas. At midnight December 24th 2018, he woke up and realized with despair that there was no bicycle by the threshold of their house.

He immediately went back to the altar of their home; took Virgin Mary’s statuette, wrapped it in a newspaper, brought it to the stock room and locked it inside. He hastily went back to the altar and tried to confront the Santo Niño: “Sto. Niño, I have been asking you for that bicycle and yet, you still haven’t given me that as my gift. If you continuously ignore my petition and keep depriving me of what I like, you will no longer see your mother!”

The Parable of the Loving Father
A poor boy was playing with a beyblade or a top. All of a sudden, he overthrew it and it went underneath a pile of firewood. He tried what he could do to retrieve his toy. Unfortunately, he ended up crying as his capability was not proportionate to solve his problem.

He did not notice that his father was looking at him while he was playing. His dad’s happiness was replaced with worries when he saw his son in trouble. He rushed to his kid and asked, “What happened my dear? Have you done all in order to retrieve your toy?” The boy replied, “I can’t get my toy that disappeared underneath the pile of firewood, Dad! I’ve already done everything in order to get my toy; but, I had no chance nor enough strength!”

And the father calmly said: “Son, you haven’t done everything yet. You always have to remember that you have your Dad—your father, who will always be there for you and always thinks about your welfare, who always loves you and is ready to save you from all distress, trials, and tribulations.”
Now, if you only knew that I was there— if you only recognized your weaknesses—if you only knew that there is someone who is stronger and more powerful than you are; then, you could have called me for help so you could have avoided feeling this helplessness that resulted in tears.”

Our parent’s love is unique. They know what we don’t know! Our God’s love is great; He knows us before we came from our mothers’ wombs. He knows that our problems are opportunities to showcase our potential. A being’s existence with and for another being is co-existence.

May we all be blessed with all the joy that life can bring during the Season and throughout the New Year!

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