The very act of forgetting is remembering

The very act of forgetting is remembering

Can a traitor be forgotten?
A mentally challenged person can always be tamed and a drug addict can always be rehabilitated; but none of the best medicine can cure a traitor. Who could ever forget a person you have treated not merely as a friend but a real brother, yet you find out that he opted to backbite rather than fight for you. I personally had a closest friend who I admired most because of his unfailing love for others. To my surprise, this friend of mine managed to ruin my reputation by scattering false information against me. On federal election day, he sent a message to their messenger group saying that I was campaigning for a certain candidate during work hours. While in fact, I was on vacation that time. He even continued to imply that a government employee like me is not worthy of receiving his tax money. As if he was quite sure that I had stolen hours by escaping from work. How I wish I could bury such instances into oblivion. But how? The moment I intend to forget such things, the more it rings in my ears.

Can a hero be forgotten?
A beggar on the street or a scavenger at a dumpsite can be a well-known leader. Most of the time, a street-made person is the one who becomes a prominent leader. Simply because he knows how to confidently guide the troupe in the right direction. He doesn’t need to be trained because of his years of integration.

He cannot easily be trapped as he knows the vicinity by heart. He cannot easily be fooled and set up for betrayal as he has been acquainted with people’s attitudes and characters in his neighbourhood. He doesn’t have to be loved because he has been loved. He doesn’t have to be remembered because he has been remembered. A leader who has served the society well is never forgotten. Try to forget and he will certainly be remembered. For the reason that the act of forgetting is remembering itself.

Even lovers cannot just set aside a beloved who has gone away by burying them into oblivion. No matter how much bitterness one has created in another’s life; he will always be remembered. How much more would this be for those soldiers who have offered their lives for the country? They are buried in their graves but will always be remembered. They will be honoured in so many ways: one of those is by selling poppies. I said, that is one but not the only gesture of paying tribute to their heroism. Some may sell candles and light them to remember those heroes. Others may just say a prayer and most of us donate money, foods, and do more to support the advocacy.

That is why, it is not right to say that when an immigrant did not buy and wear poppies during Remembrance Day, then, he is ungrateful to the country where he lives in right now. If someone says that, he will surely be remembered. Not as a hero, but a racist.

Can a politician be forgotten?
The best propaganda and all campaign paraphernalia during the election period does not make a good politician. His performances can always be measured by the result. Broken promises are heart-breaking. Well, we are in a free country where the “Return and Exchange” as well as “Recall” policy is standing. The moment we realize that we are not satisfied with the product we bought or the politician we voted for, then, let’s return, exchange, and recall to look for a better one.

Can departed loved ones be forgotten?
How can we forget those who have contributed a lot to our lives? How can we forget if we always remember them during All Souls’ Days? They became part of us. An act of forgetting them is tantamount to remembering them.

What about you? What do you aim to do or want to be in order to be remembered?

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