Mixed reactions from Pinoy sports community on Don Cherry’s comments on immigrants and poppies

Mixed reactions from Pinoy sports community on Don Cherry’s comments on immigrants and poppies

‘I don’t regret a thing’: Don Cherry speaks out on his firing and Ron MacLean

I could not help but solicit reactions from our Filipino hockey fans after popular hockey commentator Don Cherry made comments about immigrants and poppies that drew mixed reactions.

I’m giving the space to our Pinoy hockey fans and here’s what they said:

Elmer Catalan: It is good they let him go and it will be better for him to retire and enjoy his life. Wearing a poppy is a not a measurement how Canadian we are as immigrant.

Kate Ksl: Masyado syang nag aassume na hindi nirerespeto ng mga immigrant ang araw ng remembrance dahil lamang sa hindi pag suot ng poppie, very inappropriate, heart tearing at nakakainsulto ang kanya mensahe

Jun Belle: Naah, not an ounce of offence taken. My opinion, he has every right to say that. He is not wrong. But speaking of veterans, I would rathhevr get offended by one person who paid $10.5Million to a terrorist that killed a US soldier and told veterans they are asking too much.

Lito Mendoza Velasco: Canada is a free country and most of all, a land for immigrants. It doesn’t intend to impose on its residents as well as citizens an absolute obedience or duty to comply with any cultural and even political practices.
If buying and pinning poppies is an obligation; then, everybody has to obey—no exemption!
What about casting votes during the election? Is there a law or ordinance that urges every citizen to vote? And refusing to vote will be penalized or reprimanded.
Love of country and its heroes cannot be solely determined by the numbers of poppies being sold folks.

Marvin Sam Uy: I do not disagree with him but as a celebrity or a sports personality, he has a responsibility to make sure his comments or opinion that he broadcast does not promote division or prejudice. I get his point.

Babam Maturan: He has Freedom of Speech. .. Im not offended nor hurt.
When I migrated in Canada in 2002 I embraced the milk & honey as well the culture and respect the land and its people. He said “The people”.
Even he had given me hard time on his AR in 2008- 2010 (re Don cherry’s restaurant account) I still like the guy! how can I ever forget this guy! Don Cherry is an Hockey icon and will remain.

Lito Mendoza Velasco: When we’re alone; watch our thoughts. When we’re in the public; watch our words!
There’s nothing wrong with loving and respecting our heroes. They, ideally, must be remembered in any forms and gestures we know are due them. Pinning poppies is just one among them.
Well, Don is entitled to his own opinion. But, whatever is true to him may not also be true to all. (Non sequitur).
Remember, when emotion is on the throne, the reason is overthrown.

Marco Luciano: I think the actual quote was “You people … you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey, at least you can pay a couple bucks for a poppy or something like that,” That statement is not for everyone. Its targeted to a certain group which makes it problematic and xenophobic. On the other hand he’s been doing his racist rants for a very long time even before Hockey Night moved from CBC to SportsNet. He called immigrants stealing jobs. He said women do not belong in locker rooms. Ron McLean and CBC/SportsNet knew that a long time ago and they did not do anything about it then… It was when the people started speaking out against it that cost him his job.

Anna Cyril Cualing Sumalinog: His choice of words was harsh, he could have filtered but his logic makes a lot of sense. We too, are guilty of that.

Ana Felicia: My partner is a Vietnam vet, so I know where my sentiments lie. I have yet to see an Asian wear a poppy here or donate to the cause. Pero pag climbs #katkat, abah, number one.

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