Saranay Celebrates 40 Years of Dedicated Service to the Filipino Canadian Community

Saranay Celebrates 40 Years of Dedicated Service to the Filipino Canadian Community

In a message delivered by PM Justin Trudeau, he praised and extend greetings to Filipino-Canadian Saranay Associations of Alberta in the celebration of its 40th Anniversary. “Since it was founded in 1979 , the Filipino-Canadian Association of Alberta has been committed to preserving Filipino culture and supporting the Filipino-Canadian community.” One of the oldest surviving non-profit Filipino organizations, Saranay listed numerous achievements and accomplishments too many to enumerate.

Presently Saranay has 15 recipients in an on going scholarship for South-East Asian Studies at the University of Alberta. Beside the voice and advocate of many victims of Caregiver Program and Human Trafficking, they pioneered the establishment of the Filipino language and culture school in Edmonton. Saranay showcased Filipino culture at the recent 2019 Edmonton Heritage Festival with their famous String Rondalla and award winning Dance and Choral Groups. FORTY YEARS and counting, Saranay executives, the founders and members of this organization should be praised for their dedication in serving the Filipino-Canadian community in general. Thank you President Cesar Daus, Vice President Eduardo Picardal and the mover and shaker of this organization, the secretary/treasurer Dr. Josephine Pallard . The well attended 40th Anniversary Celebration at the Emperor’s Palace held last September 27, 2019 truly reflected the mission and vision of this dedicated organization.

Photos by Dario Juanillo | Alberta Filipino Journal

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