Care Is Cure

Care Is Cure
Luke 4:38-44

During the time of Jesus, the common understanding was that disease and illness was caused by evil spirits. Our gospel for today gives us the remedies for healing the sick. There are three points I would like to highlight. First, healing is powerful if we are mindful of others. There are maladies and health disorders around us because of our lack of concern. Nowadays, animals especially dogs are brought into hospitals and long-term care. They really have a healing effect on the patients. So sad that some of us have been too busy and can no longer pay sick family members a visit. Robots are replacing family in other countries to take care of the old. What seemed like science fiction before has now become a tragic reality. We care so much about things and animals but we neglect humans. We lose our affection for the people around us. We no longer mind the people who have a keen affinity to us. But this is not the case with Peter. His love and concern restored the health of his mother-in-law. You know what, when we care, we can cure, for CARE IS the CURE! Guys, it is not healthy to stay with people who don’t even bother to ask how you are. My dear kababayans, we can change the world if we care enough.

Second, care can be expressed through simple gestures of kindness. “Laying His hands on the sick persons; He healed them.” Jesus made use of touch to heal people. My dear kababayans, a simple gesture of kindness like a smile can truly make a difference. Friends, use your life to heal, not to inflict pain. A simple handshake can start a life-giving friendship.

Finally, we can cure if we are always available. Jesus works from sunrise to sunset, from dawn to dusk. He makes time for people. Friends, BEING AVAILABLE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEING DESIRABLE. Like Jesus, this is what we are sent to do: to heal and to help!

Fr. Jhack

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