Preserve Your Glamour With Skin Lueur

Preserve Your Glamour With Skin Lueur

Why choose Skin Lueur? We are a local business that prides itself on delivering the best services using the best equipment and professionals for our clients. Coming to us for your skincare needs is an investment, but a worthwhile investment with noticeable results. Before we decide to invest in a machine, we do meticulous and detailed research in order to determine that it delivers the results it promises. Our medicated products are locally-made and Health Canada approved to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our clients.We strive to provide the best treatments and products tailored to each of our individual clients. We don’t blindly prescribe treatments and products to our clients but we take the time to properly asses their skin.

We at Skin Lueur also value the saying that “Beautiful skin comes from trained professionals,” because it’s true. Not only do we have top-of-the-line machines, but we also have trained professionals operating them. Our many services are conducted by professionals with years of experience as well as proper training. Dra. Chum is a certified Medical doctor in the Philippines and has acquired and continues to acquire knowledge of the latest skincare needs. She is also certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Our micro blading artist also comes with years of experience, starting out as a tattoo artist in the 70s, so we are confident in satisfying our customers with beautiful results. The same goes for our licensed massage therapist and aesthetician; both have years of experience in their respective areas so our clients are in good hands. Finally, both of our secretaries are university graduates, certified and trained by professionals to operate our machines properly and professionally to ensure our clients’ trust.

Here at Skin Lueur, we have many loyal clients who trust us to deliver results. Why waste money on gimmicky products and cheap services when you have professionals confident in delivering results? With our logo comes the saying: “Professional Skincare solutions with proven results.”

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