Bohol: A Place of Hope

Bohol: A Place of Hope

Bohol, Philippines is an island province in the Central Visayan region. Aside from the significant island itself, it is surrounded by 75 minor islands. Every discovered island possesses its unique beauty of nature as well as the locals.

Bohol is exceptionally popular because it is where the infamous Chocolate Hills are located. But by the time that you will be able to explore the province, it is not just the hills, not just the tarsiers but also the hope and the earnest desire of the local people to preserve and save our humble home, the Earth. You will be able to witness that despite the endangered tarsiers are in Bohol, the locals try eagerly seek their own creative and optimistic ways to properly take care of them. Not just the tarsiers but also the other living things out there. In Bohol, you will feel very welcomed and belonged because the people are very accommodating and fun to be with – shout out to our kuya tourist guide. The beaches are very wonderful and well maintained. There is one remarkable thing that amazed me the most, the man made forest on our way to our hotel. I appreciate it because it allows you a very comforting feeling. You will see how they put their hearts and cooperative efforts to make an admirable man made forest. It seems absolutely natural to me, you won’t even think it was just artificially produced! This work made me realize everyone could make a step to save our dying planet, no matter who you are as long as you put your heart thereon. That is what I felt when I saw the forest. Bohol is one of the place to witness the natural beauty of the country.

I chose to write an article about this place because this could inspire us that we still have hope to save our planet. Bohol inspired me so much. I am hoping that by the time you will read this article and by the time that you will get the opportunity to explore the lovely island, the local people in Bohol will inspire you their inner desires to a greener planet and a hopeful home.

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