Velasco Will Bring New Hope to Edmonton-Wetaskiwin

Velasco Will Bring New Hope to Edmonton-Wetaskiwin

As the Federal Elections draw near it has become clear that Alberta Filipino Journal Editor Lito Velasco is running for nomination to represent Edmonton-Wetaskiwin under the Liberal Party banner. If Velasco wins the Liberal party nomination then he will be facing Veteran Politician Michael Stanley Lake of the PC party.

Edmonton-Wetaskiwin is the largest constituency in the country with an estimated 160,000 population. Lito, as people call him, has the full support of the various Filipino organizations he has helped throughout the years. Velasco is a natural when it comes to public service. It only takes one call and he is usually there to help or to listen to what people have to say. If you do not know him, your initial impression would be that he must be a very strict person, but once you get to know him, you will have fun exchanging ideas with Lito.

Velasco can make a room filled with people laugh and he does it naturally. Lito likes to read books and is a highly intellectual person. Apart from his daily work, he spends most of his time with his kids and serves the community through different organizations.

Early in life, Lito was a political strategist so politics is not new to him. Velasco says incumbent MP Mike Lake of the PC has done his share and it is now time to give other people a chance to show what they can do for the Edmonton-Wetaskiwin constituency and this is the reason why he is running to represent this constituency. He promises to work doubly hard to try to surpass whatever Hon. Mike Lake has done.

Lito wants us to keep an open mind so he can show us what true public service is all about. He is calling for your support towards better public service.


The RCMP has interviewed at least five Alberta cabinet ministers as part of its ongoing investigation into allegations of voter fraud in the 2017 United Conservative Party Leadership Race. Former UCP MLA Prab Gill has sent a letter to the RCMP that alleges the Kenney leadership campaign used fraudulent emails to intercept personal identification numbers needed to cast a ballot in the race. The PINS should have been sent to individual member but instead were allegedly used by Kenney’s campaign team to vote for Kenney. These are very serious allegations, which is why the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service has appointed an out of province prosecutor to provide advice on the ongoing investigation. The UCP has defended their process and says their audit does not show any wrongdoings. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has been quiet about the ongoing investigation. If the RCMP is able to prove the allegations, what will happen to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and the people of Alberta? If the allegations are not proven then it is very important for the RCMP and the Premier to report to the people of Alberta so they can clear Jason Kenney’s name.

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