Liberty Is Responsibility

Liberty Is Responsibility

Guard your own ranks. Watch your words. Watch your steps. You are the master of your self. Be careful with your heart. Feel at home. These simple phrases authorize an individual to exercise freedom-coupled with discipline.

Action Identification: Submission
Action follows essence. Everyone is expected to act accordingly. Modesty is the key. Never expect respect if you have been rude or discriminatory. Never expect to be understood if you refuse to understand. Never expect to gain wisdom if you’ve rejected someone’s knowledge and opinion. Never expect to receive if you’ve been depriving others of what they need. Never expect to be voted if you haven’t exercised the freedom of suffrage. Never expect to gain if you are not prepared to feel the pain. Never expect to be successful if you love to sleep the whole day. Never expect perfection, as there is only one perfect Being in the entire universe, and I am sure, you know WHO HE IS.

Every human being is a human and must be humane
While on earth, act as a human being. Be responsive and submissive to your vocation or calling and try to defend what you have embraced. While on earth, be not afraid of trying new things and committing mistakes. All those can always be resolved with humility and kindness. Kindness can make the blind see, make the deaf hear, and make the lame walk. Keep in mind: ”Expect what is reasonable; not what is perfect!”

Mortification of the will
Being endowed with liberty or freedom doesn’t make a man humane. This is simply because some of our choices are not in accordance with the Will or the Divine Precept. Well, one doesn’t have to be highly educated in order to understand what’s obviously harmful to others. Be guided by what we called Common Sense (though it’s not common). Logic says: “Never let your passion rule over your reason.” Why? When emotion is on the throne; the reason is overthrown. Try to mortify our will.

Right and Duty
Right is not might. Freedom or Liberty is not absolute. You might want to sing and you are free to do that the whole night; yet, also be mindful that your neighbours deserve a good sleep. For every Right, there’s always a corresponding duty or responsibility. We are all free to do whatever is universally and morally upright. Be possessed by your ability to respond. Liberty is everyone’s responsibility.

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