Farewell from the Faithful Navigator CY2017-2018 & CY2018-2019 - Final Report

Farewell from the Faithful Navigator CY2017-2018 & CY2018-2019 - Final Report
Sir Knight Manuel Ibasco

The last two years of being the Faithful Navigator for the St. Michael Assembly No. 2795 has truly been a remarkable experience, one that has taught me many key skills, has brought me a stronger bond with the men I call brothers, and a true testament in my faith and trust in God. Having said this, my final note as Faithful Navigator will be a reflection of the last two years and my new position moving forward with the assembly as Faithful Admiral.

Throughout the past two years, there have been many events that I am proud to have been apart of, but I have narrowed down these events to five notables. The first one I would like to speak of happened in 2017, which was the ‘Patriotic Essay Competition’ with the theme “How Does Remembrance Day make me Patriotic?” with the junior high schools of Father Michael Troy and Lady of Mount Carmel participating. This contest allowed youngsters to take the time and think of the importance of Remembrance Day and our wonderful country, Canada. This essay project, which was conducted by our assembly, was vital in emphasizing our focus on patriotism.

The next key event I would like to reflect on is the 15th Year Assembly Charter Anniversary and Installation of Assembly Officers in June of 2018 that took place in St. Theresa Roman Catholic Parish. This momentous celebration was one that brought great joy to our assembly and allowed all of our members to reflect on how far this assembly has come and where it is headed for in the future. Key awards presented that night were as follows:
Lifetime Achievement Award: PSD FMFD SK Julito R. Reyes
Shining Sir Knights Award: SK Juanito B. Serrano; SK Oscar V. Mejilla; SK Restituto D. Cabalo; SK Rafael F. Ison; and SK Enrique G. Cornel
Sir Knights of the Year Award: SK Abel F. Cereno; SK Alexander E. Ibasco; SK Cesar J. Manuntag; SK Albert B. Pinson; and SK Edwin C. Torres

The next key initiative that I was a part of during my time as Faithful Navigator was the review and revision of Assembly Memorial Funds and Assembly Guidelines which occurred during the Columbian Year of 2018-2019. These guidelines/changes to the assembly were crucial as they now provide a significant piece of criteria that future members can follow. These guidelines include members’ birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Sir Knight Membership Milestones, new transfers, Honor Guards for Sir Knights and family and many more.

The second last key initiative that took place this past Columbian year was a call to a change in regalia for our Honor Guards. As of July 1st, 2019, the Knights of Columbus will have moved away from the recognizable capes, chapeaus and tuxedo look to a more modernized one. The modernized look will include a beret, Official Fourth Degree Gray trousers, neck tie, beret, metal badge over appropriate colored patch of the office, a plain white dress shirt and few other key accessory notables. The prime reason for this change in appearance is to draw attention to our youth to become more involved and active in the Knights of Columbus. We organized and developed a monthly installment payment plan for all Sir Knight members of our assembly to order their new set of full Honor Guard regalia.

I encourage the members of assembly Color Corps to order their new set of regalia. So we can continue to serve our church, community, country and our great Order with dignity and full colors. Let us all be proud of our Honour Guards’ numerous services rendered through the past two (2) Columbian Years. With these notes, the very last time we used the old regalia was on Sunday, June 23rd, 2019 during the Eucharistic Celebration and Feast of Corpus Christi procession from St. Agnes Church to St. Anthony Church. Thank you and let us all salute the following Worthy Sir

Knights who rendered the last service wearing the old regalia:
SK Julito R. Reyes, FMFD
SK Teddy T. Tuazon, Marshall
SK Resty Cabalo, Commander
SK Manuel E. Ibasco, FN
SK Michael Ho, PFN
SK Juanito Serrano
SK Joey Ylagan
SK Danilo Javate
SK Delfin De Jesus
SK Wilnero Caspe
SK Raffy Ison
SK Rolando Matuguinas

​The last event I would like to speak of will be the Installation of Assembly Officers that took place Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 at St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church. I see this as a key event that I was a part of during my time as Faithful Navigator because I was being installed into my now new position as Faithful Admiral and having the chance to congratulate the new-elect of Faithful Navigator for our assembly, Worthy SK Resty Cabalo. During this event there was first a mass that took place at 5:00 PM followed by the installation of officers. During the installations we were honoured to have our Installing Officer PSD FMFD SK Julito Reyes, Marshall PFN SK Teddy Tuazon, Commander SK Wilnero Caspe, and Faithful Friar Rev. Joby Augustin participating in their key roles for the evening. Following the installation, we enjoyed a beautiful dinner to end the Columbian Year. To close the CY 2018-2019, we presented the prestigious awards to the following Worthy Sir Knights:
Award of Appreciation: Faithful Friar Rev. Joby Augustin
Sir Knight of the Year Award: Faithful Scribe SK Armando B. Lirag
Shining Sir Knight Award: Faithful Commander SK Teddy T. Tuazon

Lastly, I would like to thank Faithful Friar Rev. Joby Augustin for all his efforts exhibited for our assembly over the last two years. I truly appreciate it.
I would once again like to thank everyone who is a part of this assembly as I appreciate the sacrifices, hard work, and camaraderie that you all offered me during my time as Faithful Navigator. Without all your help, our Assembly would not have accomplished the key initiatives and events we took on. I am excited for the future of St. Michael Assembly No. 2795 and I will provide my support every step of the way!

Thank you and God Bless.

Vivat Jesus!

PFN Manuel Ibasco
St. Michael Assembly No. 2795
155 Ward Crescent
Edmonton, AB T6T 1M6
(780) 499-8679

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