Ms. Noble Canada Best in Swim Wear 2019

Ms. Noble Canada Best in Swim Wear 2019

FAYE SALES, the CLINICAL DIRECTOR OF LA BELLO Aesthetics, has been representing the Filipino Community as she joined numerous pageantry here and outside Canada for quite a while.

At this juncture, she would like to extend her heartfelt gratitude to all her supporters and most of all, the Almighty Father for bestowing upon her the gift of a corporeal goodness and beauty. For bringing her thus far and giving her the strength, courage, faith, and determination to succeed.

She also wants to dedicate her crown to the special person who encouraged and motivated her to work harder. He’s no other than Justyn Sales, her son. She said: “Everything I do; I do it for your brighter future… also, to my honey, who unconditionally loves and supports whatever I need… you all know that you will remain in my heart now and forever.”

Faye Sales truly wants her voice heard and her beauty be recognized as an ambassador of love and compassion. She told the Alberta Filipino Journal:

“I am proud to be your:
Ms. Philippine Ambassador
Best in PHOTOGENIC 2018
Best in Production wear 2018
Ambassador of love 2018
Ms. Noble Canada 2019 & Best in Swimwear 2019…”

“I am very proud to represent Philippines. Throughout my reign, I intend to represent well in various platforms to include charitable organizations in order to give something meaningful back to our community: feed the hunger and destitute orphans in manila.”


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