When there’s a high demand on a limited amount of a product, you have to think about how to optimize your purchases. This is where the study of economics comes into play. It seeks to answer how we can best make use of our scarce resources.

In life, I believe that one of the most precious resources is time. This has become especially apparent to me now that I have begun working a full-time job. By the time work ends–if I’m not volunteering–I spend another hour commuting home, then I eat dinner, work out, pack my lunch for the next day, catch up with my family, shower, and then I catch up on emails. And when this is all finished, it is already 9 o’clock and I am headed off to bed to get enough sleep for work.

Time is a powerful resource to have. Much can be accomplished with the time we have. Sometimes, it only takes a fraction of a second for things to change. Whenever I refresh the news feed of my social media, another baby is born, another discovery is made, a tragedy has occurred, and this all occurs as the fractions of the time we’re given slip past us.

As spring and summer greet us, let us contemplate about how we want to spend this precious commodity that is impossible to buy more of. Time’s value only appreciates with every day that passes. ​In an ideal world, my schedule would be filled with many vacations, but I also know that the importance of an education and work cannot be left behind. This year, a healthy middle is what I seek to accomplish.

Life calls us to find a balance between prudence and a childlike trust in what is good in order for us to best use our time. We have to attend to our earthly responsibilities, keeping the future in mind, but also trust that what is good will come in time, so we should also allow ourselves freedom. As best we can, aside from prudence, our time shouldn’t be spent troubling our minds with worry. I am still learning, but I believe that this healthy middle is where we should stay as we pursue our purpose and stay present with the life we’ve been given.

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