Uniqueness is Everyone’s Greatness

Uniqueness is Everyone’s Greatness

There’s no monopoly of opinions or ideas. Seeing someone prospering is not something that subtracts from his credibility, but rather, a priceless compliments and performance enhancer.

In religious parlance: Every congregation has the best word to say for the salvation of mankind. Each pastor has to be acting as Christ-like or a disciple in the modern times. Trying to convince the faithful that the best way to holiness or salvation is through his teachings. For instance, the Catholic Church urges its faithful to commemorate the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ during Lenten Season. Telling people to believe that fast and abstinence should be observed as the expression of repentance in order to be forgiven.

In education: All academic institutions have to make students believe that the transmission of knowledge can be achieved through their Courses offered and the Syllabi they have prepared for those who are goal-oriented individuals as well as those who wanted to become professionals. Each of them has the best to offer.

In business: No businessman is trying to dismay his potential customers by discrediting the quality of his own products and services. Each one of them has the slogan that is best portraying the nature of the business. Regardless of the Promotional Battle cry being displayed on the billboards, newspapers, and in social media, there is one effective and domineering cardinal principle of advertising, that is: “What is unknown is not desired.”

In the realm of politics, every Party has something best to offer for the welfare of the community. Each political aspirant has to make the potential voters believe and adhere on his platform.

To sum up, all of them have the “best” standard, strategy, technique, method, approach, and principle to promote, propagate, and transmit in order to be known. Nevertheless, if all of them are “best in their own right,” then, who is not?

The tendency: He who seeks grandiosity or greatness forgets his uniqueness. The fallacy: When uniqueness is set aside, jealousy is on the side. In this case, no one wants to meet someone who is better than himself. The moment he does, then, negative crab mentality takes place. Intrusion of false accusations comes in.  The “Nobody wants everybody phenomenon” reigns.

The problem regarding the non-recognition of defeat and failure may be outlined depending upon the area of discipline. I suppose, if everyone is the best but refuses to accept his weaknesses and dependence upon others, then, everyone might be also worst. Thereby, religious, academicians, businessmen, and politicians are not exemptions. I would rather say: “Everybody needs everybody—everyone has to acknowledge one’s uniqueness as the pre-requisite for the attainment of greatness.”


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April 16, 2019 – For Provincial Election here in Alberta
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